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It was last May. I spent some time socializing with friends of my then boyfriend. Right around the time that there was a double drug-related shooting directly in front of his home, his closest friend, a woman and mother of two, found this on her car. As you might imagine, this sort of thing plays havoc with your social life. On the one hand, if other people start to associate their bad luck with you, well most will of course prefer you not visit. On the other, you have to look at that yourself and decide if it’s worth the risk to other people. You also wonder if this isn’t exactly the sort of thing they did to Kaczynski and Laughner. Isolation, especially when the only conversations you have are one-way (and there’s no way to stop them) via voice-to-skull can be painful, disturbing, and set an already unbalanced mind on a path of destruction.

A month or so later, after the boyfriend and I got an apartment together, got both our names on the lease, things started to fall apart there as well. He became increasingly belligerent. I knew where it was going, so when the knife incident occurred, well, I saw that coming as a possibility. That my final night in the Twin Cities would involve a 9-1-1 call, I suppose I didn’t, but it wasn’t really surprising either.

Around the same time, in June or July of 2011 I think, we were over at his friend’s place for a cookout. I got into a political discussion with a neighbor of his friend. She was a young social worker, primarily her job seemed to consist of getting death threats from deadbeat dads from whom she tried to collect child support payments.

She was one of the few people I actually told my situation (such as I understood it at the time, that is the frame-up of me, Peter Watts, and Jeremy Scahill as both a way of “clearing” Blackwater for some crime or other, and as a way of getting revenge on three people that CIA and DOD found to be a problem for different reasons). She mentioned turning to the Democrats for help.

I stated that I had already done so and the only conceivable response I got was to be their slave, to act as a James O’Keefe III for the party. (By the way, saw recently that JOK3 had been in Minneapolis doing his thing to undermine the voting process. Sorry I missed him, we could have compared notes on what a PITA the voice-to-skull stuff can be. Yeah, that’s how he gets his orders and why he got screwed when he tried to bug a Senator’s office…wasn’t the GOP who asked him to do that.) That, clearly, they were just as apt to use people and throw them away as their opponents (and, in fact, that was probably exactly where they got the idea and believe that their only path to winning a few battles is to stoop as low as the Republicans).

She pointed out that Harry Reid (who, by the way, was the one said to have talked Barack Obama into running in the first place) had stated publicly that he and his family had at times found bombs attached to their cars. Some subsequent web research on that would seem to place the blame on some Mormon scheisters trying to sell some probably phony documents regarding the founding of that church. That, as I’ve already pointed out, there was a lot of hiring of Mormons at CIA in the 1980s was not lost on me.

So, sure, the Democrats have been intmidated. Look at what happened (thinking partially of Scott Ritter as well) to Anthony Weiner. One of the most staunch critics of the Iraq war (see his House speeches on the topic on YouTube), a supporter of the healing idea behind the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (even though he is both Jewish and a supporter of Israel’s right to exist).

Look at what happened to Elliot Spitzer. Someone who spent a large portion of his career going after corruption on Wall Street.

Note that all three (Ritter, Weiner and Spitzer) had something in common. Sex scandals. And that, in turn has one thing in common. Behavior. As in the possibility of “behavioral modification”, a term taken directly off of the front of the August 1977 Senate Hearing document into MKULTRA.

You could also point out Julian Assange’s troubles. Dominic Strauss-Kahn.

And, of course, my own in 2006 at GenCon and more recently in New York. (See especially item #11 from the 1955 MKULTRA draft memorandum regarding euphoria).

There are no end to the pundits and dime-store psychologists willing to suggest they were all drunk on power. That could actually be true. But are the two factors, the tendencies of these men AND the use of psychological/neurological research mutually exclusive? Or rather, something to be exploited and pushed, expanded and engineered for embarrassment? Why the hell not?

And then there’s the Lewinsky scandal.

So after the young lady got an earful on how turning to the Democrats for help merely got me further f***ed, she, after a few more beers I think, went inside and grabbed a framed photo off of her wall and showed it to me. I have been unable to find the photo on the Internet but think it’s semi-famous.

It depicts the photographer/artist himself (I think) diving off of a building, arms spread wide as if he expects to fly or swim, while the very inhospitable ground below waits for him. Put simply, the diver appears delusional about the obvious outcome of what he is doing.

She thought she was insulting me, seemed to half-expect it would make me angry. She was half-attacking, half-apologizing (which I think sums up “Minnesota nice” pretty well).

I wasn’t angry. I said I agreed. She looked puzzled.

“What is the sane response to an insane world?” I asked.

“There isn’t one,” she replied.


Of course there are two other things to note. The first I don’t think is really relevant but one of those happy accidents that the psychos in DOD and CIA enjoy, try to exploit and pretend, “We meant to do that” when all it is is that little paranoia in your head trying to connect two things because they share a similar meme.

In the original draft script for the end of the first issue of that comic book I wrote and published, I had the main protagonist jumping off of his balcony and being caught by a fireman, who was there to put the ladder in place because the place was burning and the NYPD/FBI/NSA had the place surrounded. It was a point about how, despite their protests to the contrary, tax dollars do go to things like actually protecting property and life, even though the “religious” (it is a sort of religion when it relies on faith in the face of facts) sort of libertarian zealots believe there shouldn’t even be an organized fire department.

(I kept the drafts of the scripts on Google docs and in GMail).

Anyway, he was leaping off not knowing what was below, much like the Frenchman in the photo.

The other thing. The young lady (clearly a progressive who does not like our wars) is the daughter of a Lockheed-Martin executive.

Yeah, I know. What are the odds?

What prompted all this writing today? Hang up phone call last night from Level 3 Communications at 270-282-2244 (caller ID says “Public safety”). Apparently it’s quite common.


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