Small Correction or Something

I was, just a few moments ago, “reminded” that a Dem did very likely help to get my unemployment. I paid into unemployment insurance for twenty years and in trying to get it, found myself presented on the same day with two separately-mailed, conflicting letters from the Department of Labor in New York. One stated that I had been fired for cause, the other that I had quit without notice. I did not major in logic in college, but I think those actually are mutually exclusive events. I suppose it’s possible to have a mutually agreed separation.

But that’s not what happened. No, I just found myself locked out of the building in which I had worked for twenty years, my security pass suddenly revoked. In a building where one of our most frequent clients was also home to the CIA officer who spent August 2001 one ensuring that Langley’s emergency systems were in working order due to a small fire earlier in the month, whose former trading company was one of the fee short-selling airline stock on 9-11, who got a seat on the board of Blackwater after CIA miraculously got their mercenary boots on the ground in Afghanistan on September 14 (if not well before, like at least the 10th). And none of that made it into the 911 Commission Report because it was this same man’s brother that the Bush Administration put in charge as the Inspector General.

So, while I have to give it up that (and really, I find it difficult not to like Ellison, I know he’s trying his best in dealing with whatever the rest of his party thinks passes for their best), but getting what clearly should have been mine to begin with (or, silly thought, maybe I never should have lost the job in the first place) is less than heartening in terms of progress and the ability of the party to deal with the root problems we face.

Side note: that Squidgate juror who found herself and her son in legal jeopardy after the Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron? She also some time a few or several months after the trial locked out of her job place without explanation.

So, while I can appreciate the help I got, the mere idea that people sworn to uphold the Constitution, whose job it is to catch criminals, and the fact that those responsible may be other government agencies, government contractors, or the dirty tricks departments of one or both major political parties just so far outweighs that, that it makes it seem trifling in comparison.

On a larger scale, any advancement, such as the healthcare reform or the repeal of DADT can (and if the trend toward reliving the Dark Ages continues) be taken away because we are treating symptoms and not the disease itself. We are allowing exceptions to the law that, really the only explanation I can see is to expand on what Richard Nixon’s only bottom-line defense was: “It’s not illegal when…”

When CIA does it. When DHS does it. When the Pentagon Brass does it. When it’s part of a cold war between the parties. When Technodyne screws over a former employee who wasn’t even the one responsible for the whistleblowing that got them into trouble, it’s not illegal (and somehow the Washington Post editorial board doesn’t think it news, and somehow the FBI investigators involved all wind up leaving the Bureau…). When the previous administration lies to get us into a war that the majority wind up paying for so a few can profit off of it and even when it does the exact opposite of what it’s stated goal is, when it makes us less safe and makes us waste money on things like paying off the Taliban at the rate of $400 million annually so we can ship items around Afghanistan in order to shoot those same people, it’s not illegal. When thousands of Americans are harassed and had their lives destroyed intentionally since the 1990s in the form of organized stalking, because those behind it are powerful, it’s not illegal. When the CIA and DOD experiment on human beings without their knowledge and consent in an effort to bring back slavery in the form of neurochemical bondage, it’s not illegal. When they throw an employee out the window because he dared grow a conscience, it’s not illegal. When they kidnap poor kids and ship them off overseas to be molested and enslaved by a non-democracy partner nation, it’s not illegal.

So, I acknowledge the help I got. I also acknowledge that former Governor Tim Kaine was nervous and sweaty in a way I can only suggest describes the party as a whole when I met him and that, again, the only goddam “response” I got from the letter to the DNC was to become their puppet (or feel free to kill yourself or get arrested doing or planning something violent).

But like I said before, when you lose most of what you had, it’s easy to appear brave. It’s easy to give the finger to those responsible when you have no friends. It’s easy to say no to the ridiculous phony offers of a way out (and to feel that your intelligence is being insulted at the same time watching the same damn tricks being employed over and over with a different “wrapper”).

So, thanks. I know poetically it should amount to something. Kept me from being homeless or worse while I was drugged and harassed incessantly by people I also paid in taxes for the goddam “privilege.” But I guess when things are this f***ed, poetry doesn’t amount to much. In fact, words without action from anyone who has–or should have–the least bit of influence, control or oversight over any of this, doesn’t amount to anything at all.


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