Culture of Rape

Forgetting for a moment that it was rape that lead to Anthony Burgess writing A Clockwork Orange in the first place, there’s the implicit approval of the brass that rape is okay. Why? Well, I’m sure they consider females to be objects to be exploited like pretty much everyone else. It’s the cost of doing business, they think, in both the literal and figurative senses. I mean, look at the gang rape that Halliburton engaged in and the subsequent locking of the rape victim into a metal box when there was worry that it might be discovered.

All points back to Dick Cheney, doesn’t it? Between his close friends among the Joint Chiefs, all as brain-diseased, greedy receivers of kickbacks, and given to fascist fantasy as much as he is (another thing that is implicitly approved of) is it really any wonder? (I love how he refers to a whole culture, a philosophy as a “regrettable incident” and stated that the Marines in question were just too f***ing ignorant to know what the flag meant).

This is what I find so puzzling. You’d think this would be the talk of the Interwebs:

There has been a startling and consistent increase in violent sex crimes within the US Army since 2006, according to a new Pentagon report released Thursday.

But instead, we see that other crap.

And should I mention again? Beware of Internet consensus:

The users controlling the personas would be hidden in a variety of ways, including randomizing the IP addresses they accessed the software with, and “traffic mixing,” or blending web traffic with that outside of Centcom to provide “excellent cover and powerful deniability.”

“There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas”

These people are goddamn liars. They use semantics like “not from inside the US” which could mean anything from via satellite to from overseas locations, “not targeting US-owned companies” when LJ was bought by a Russian company, etc. It’s all weasel-words.

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