BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Dead Dogs (Updated)

(Update: link at bottom of page, now with less bad English from double auto-translation, EuroTV article switched to Globe and Mail original English).

There were actually two events. When the first came, we decided it was part of the news items regarding Chinese ingredients in dog food. Both dogs became ill but recovered. That this happened to occur around the time of Plamegate (and my intense involvement in following the story, contributing to the legal fund, etc.) just wasn’t a dot connected.

Then came Spring of 2009. I made an appointment with the vet to get the dogs their shots. Cleo, the female, was always resistant to being given shots. She did not like it. The vet assistant who was charged with giving them to her decided to take her upstairs in order to administer it so as to avoid being bitten (apparently he didn’t trust me to hold her snout).

She had surgery twice already at this point. The first time was when she ate carpet (which she ripped up after a flood in the basement of our Greenwich Village basement apartment. The apartment where I found what may have been bombmaking materials on the fire escape, apparently thrown out a window above. Where my bike was stolen by drug dealers the week that Bloomberg decided to secretly pull all of NYPD off of crime and assign them to terrorism as some kind of exercise. Where I lived one of the two times I was the victim of identity theft, and the credit card thieves used my card to pay for a hotel in Russia and a few other things).

The second time was knee surgery. So, forcing her to walk up the stairs was the apparent reason for her limping after the dogs got their shots. A great opportunity for a less reasonable, calm person to go postal at the vet’s office.

But it wasn’t the stairs. It turned out to be, as I’ve already noted, some sort of mysterious anemia. (See memo, item #10).

Once we realized that she was far worse off than the male corgi, Thorin (he had lost weight at an alarming rate but recovered after being prescribed vitamins, administered via daily shots by me) we had her looked at and eventually hospitalized. She was anemic and they did not know why.

My partner was out of town on Google business one particular day when Cleo was at the specialist’s office in Manhattan. A surgeon (who happened to be of Arabic descent) suggested removing her spleen. I asked how that related. He said that there was a possibility that it could help. How much of a possibility? 50/50.

I called my now ex and asked if he wanted to do it. This dog was his favorite. I knew how much it meant to him. If we didn’t at least try, we would wind up wondering if it would have worked. It was an easy calculation.

Not only did the expensive surgery not help, but the vet never even bothered to call me (as he had promised to do) to tell me what he had found. Never saw that vet again. Never heard from him.

When we finally were at our last-ditch in terms of finding a reversal of the rapid disappearance of red blood cells, another vet said, “It may have been a bad vaccine.”

At that point, all told, we had spent nearly (or a bit over) $20,000. Now, tell me that that wouldn’t have had some impact on the relationship. Money is a frequent divorce-maker.

We eventually had her put to sleep.

Would it have been completely surprising if I had tracked down the surgeon who, it seems to me it’s true, had my partner subsidize his research into dog spleens and beaten the s*** out of him? I once suggested suing the company, but my ex refused.

I note the similarity here (and differences) between a fictional sociopath’s cat being beyond the help of a busy vet in a science fiction novel and how he dealt with it. But all roads seemed to point to Achilles, didn’t they?

You see now? They love to use these things to disrupt freedom of speech and to drive wedges between people at the same time. It also gives it all an unbelievable quality. That the US government could be both this depraved and wasteful of tax dollars at the same time are a couple of things that your average liberal journalist cannot wrap his or her brain around. Add to that, “Why?” and you have a recipe for being completely dismissed as delusional.

And yet there is plenty of historical precedent to support those very things. That’s what this blog is about. All of those crazy UFO, illuminati, etc. conspiracy theories are just disinfo, a way of covering up who’s really responsible: the CIA and various members of the intelligence community in the Department of Defense and the brass who oversee them and their private sector friends.

(As I’ve also noted, where money is concerned, there is extensive involvement with drug trafficking. That heroin production is up so far in Afghanistan supports this claim. Click on the ‘Drugs’ tag and see my previous entry).

As I also noted previously, a Brit just outside the auditorium at the Union Square multiplex movie theater brought up both dogs and fire (referencing the Conway fire) in an effort to provoke me. Didn’t work, of course, because at the same time I was so f***ing high from whatever it is that causes item 11 (pure euphoria) that I could not recognize the man’s hostile intent.

And that continued with Balding at the doctor’s office in January 2010, Anthony and his roommate (and lots of other strangers in Brooklyn) mocking me as I left the building to walk the dogs, go to the store, etc. also around that time as well as many jerks in Minneapolis.

So, now, imagine that you’re trying to make a few corrections to the short story I posted last night. Imagine that you were thinking about it on a walk. Imagine that you go to your ritual place to think. Imagine that a dog shows up. Imagine that you are very careful not to feed the damn thing because you know they will kill the damn thing. (I’m going to go with hit-and-run on this one, given it’s car-chasing habit).

Imagine it follows you home. Imagine it barks and howls outside wanting you to return while you are making some corrections to the short story. I have not fed it, but it behaves as though I have. It spent the night on the back porch and was there this morning.

Now, this is the kind of thing that, when CIA actually succeeds in doing what they set out to do (mostly to panic the TI), a person flees. They do that because the fight-or-flight instinct is aroused. It makes them feel better initially, thinking that they have evaded their pursuers, that they can escape if only for a few days. I have seen this behavior numerous times. My ex had a former college-mate who did that. She fled all over Europe. I have no idea why CIA targeted her specifically.

There was a film covered by the same TV show I did some work for in Minneapolis about a young man who was also fleeing unknown pursuers. I was both disturbed by his paranoia but also had to laugh given that was exactly what they wanted me to do.

Look at the record. Lots and lots of funding. No oversight. Try to get them to straighten out and you have to run over and be Secretary of Defense due to death threats. What does that say? (I’m speaking of Schlesinger and the Family Jewels, but that Panetta reportedly ended the torture program early in office and subsequently went to the SecDef position as well, is a little suspicious).

And as I’ve already mentioned, I’m not the only one. Not by a long-shot.

I have no desire to bring up anyone else’s painful past. It’s painful for me to do so. I expect the psychos in our government are aware of that. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found myself “between a rock and a hard place”. Do or do not do and it’s bad. (That’s also the real cause of neuroses, isn’t it? Two or more strong, conflicting desires?).

So, I’ll mention it. The implications should be obvious.

Syriana. What’s it about? It’s about big oil controlling foreign policy that frequently conflicts with national security. The argument is that what’s good for big oil is always good for the country.

Is it, though? You could leave out any one of the following, I think, and still come to the conclusion that something has to change: climate change, “blood-for-oil”, perpetual war and the budget, erosion of democracy, worldwide/support of hostile regimes as problem for US image.

And yet, these evil clowns… well the “joke” is obvious to me as someone with plenty of experience now dealing with them:


And now: Spinal injury leads to thoughts of suicide.

So, I’ll say it again: F*** you, Cynthia.

Future addition to ‘doggy heaven’, probably sooner rather than later. (EDIT: Of course, there’s always rabies. You know, rabid animal).

QUICK EDIT: And how can I forget Scahill saying he had a phone message in early 2010 about a dog, blood and a cooler?


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