Is This Thing On?

Voice-to-skull. How does it work?

(Note: Dinner bell rang before I could finish. Am going to do some edits, additions now.)

Well, I can only report what I’ve experienced and witnessed. I’m guessing I’ve mistaken from time to time one thing for another, but when you don’t have access to the details, you can only make an educated guess. Here are some rehashed examples from other parts of this blog.

1) Disturbed “bag woman” on West 49th Street in late December 2009 or early January of 2010. She had just come from trying to talk to someone at the Canadian Consulate inside the building where I worked for two decades: 1251 Avenue of the Americas (also still sometimes referred to as “the Exxon Building” even though Exxon moved their HQ to Texas in part because of a bomb that went off during or after a protest. There were several protests, so I’m not sure which one it was (there was one where the band Midnight Oil showed up, some to do with Canada–drilling I expect, and some to do with baby seals and maybe whaling.

Sidenote: Another interesting fact: every window you see has its own A/C unit blowing air on it. The reason for that, I was told, was to prevent listening devices from catching discussions by being pointed at the windows and getting the vibrations. When I asked who it was would do that, I was told reporters. While I suppose that is possible, I doubt that was who the Exxon execs were concerned about when they built the building).

She approached me and my boss and started up a conversation. The details are elsewhere and unimportant for this post (mostly it was the typical stuff that we dismiss entirely as originating from mental illness, even though it always seems that these people have very similar delusions. That’s something I have yet to hear be adequately explained except to say that aliens and abductions have replaced demons and possession in most of those circles. That fails to explain why so many people go for the Illuminati stuff. I have and am attempting to come up with an explanation for that: it’s a safety, a strawman, disinformation to deflect attention from the real culprits who tell themselves it’s all for “national security” and patriotism when it’s really about power, control, and personal pleasure by inflicting pain, suffering and control over others).

But how did we come to all three be there at the same time?

That’s what V2K is good for. As long as the suggestion seems reasonable to the target and is delivered in a certain way (I think of it as having the volume “turned down”) it is incredibly difficult to distinguish this external voice from an internal one.

So, when either my boss or I decided it was time for a break, to go to 49th Street instead of 50th Street (just as close a walk), it wasn’t our decision.

Just like when I tried to dismiss the woman several times (gently…I absolutely believe she believed what she was saying and was not in the typical sense an operative; she was an unwilling dupe and so was in that sense, but was not an undercover agent–that’s what I mean about maybe confusing one thing for another, she could have been but my every instinct says she was not). She kept walking back to re-engage me in conversation. Three or four times as I recall.

The result? It scared the crap out of my boss. I found it amusing because I could see what (to some extent) was happening. This was “look where you’ll be one day”, “here’s why it’s happening: magic”, and an attempt to erode my relationship with my boss of 10.5 years, a friend of 20.

Now, try instead to get someone to do something that they find abhorrent. Shoot someone, for example. Not so easy now, is it? Not if they are already disinclined to do something like that.

So, it becomes necessary to try to do several things:

A) Remove all contact with friends, etc. Destroy the support group. Eliminate the job. Wreck the “marriage.” At the same time, you can try to fool the target into thinking it’s for his own good (you’re a federal witness and all of those people are in danger).

B) Now you’ve made him about as miserable as you can. Continue the harassment and let him contact authorities, representatives, etc. who will all either dismiss him as disturbed (as I kind of did–politely–with the lady in the example above and as I did with that female New Jersey Shakespeare Festival intern. Our last conversation on the phone ended with her screaming at me, “I’m not crazy!” and hanging up.) The fact that for a day or two after, for example, writing the White House about one aspect of what happened will only give him the false sense of security which they will later take away, further driving him to the belief that it must be sanctioned. It must be intentional. There is no hope.

C) Because you have spent a large amount of time doing a psychological profile of the target, you know how to push his buttons in such a way that he will get upset but no one else around him will understand why. The event in the movie theater was one such attempt. I think I handled that one (and the airplane incident when retuning from visiting my deathbed ridden grandmother) fairly well. There was no panic, no screaming.

D) You drop “ideas” in his head, like when he first arrives in Minneapolis, you say, “Wouldn’t it be fun to go learn to shoot?” as he happens to be passing a shooting range on the way to sell off his DVDs to a pawn shop so he can eat. (That particular pawn shop clearly I did not choose without “help.” Sorry, that’s how this works. Seen it too many times).

And since I mentioned my grandmother, and since I pointed out I understand how these people think, cf, the “Batman” link in the previous post, I’ll remind people that Sarah Palin said that Obamacare was a plot to “kill grandma”, that I had even blogged about that before my grandmother fell ill, and that clearly these people are trying to convince me, again, that Obama is directly responsible for all of this. (Despite the obvious that this started while Bush was in office. Pick one).

I note that the timing of the Open Government Directive is exceedingly curious since it coincides with the inciting event that lead to Squidgate on December 8, 2009. Again, “educating” me the hard way on all of this stuff would seem to be complying with that directive. But I am thinking, based on history, that it is instead some parties thumbing their nose at the directive. They are complying in such a way that it seems to be attempting to do political damage to the administration.

As I’ve also noted, repeatedly, most of the stuff I’ve seen has two primary motives: to confuse and divide. This, clearly, is the goal in blaming everyone from:

• The real victim in the Squidgate situation and his influential free-internet friend in trying to convince me it was some sort of elaborate publicity scheme. See the blond PR woman incident and the statement, “If things don’t go well, I may blame everyone involved”. They have drilled stuff like that and things even more innocuous into my head as an attempt to make me blame these people. They are innocent.

• To the rest of the US government (attempting to do it’s job while these other people attempt to tear it down, to make it fail, etc. for political, financial and personal zealotry belief purposes). I mean look at what’s happening now. The Obamaphobia. As you might imagine, I am upset that things got this far, that I got this screwed despite attempting to sound the whistle. But I am also not so gullible as to think it’s not equally possible and extremely more likely from a psychological profile point of view that this has more to do with going to war with Iran than Obama’s people being overzealous in carrying out the OGD agenda.

• To someone I hadn’t spoken to in over a decade who was also from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and “happened” to have a connection to the Squidgate victim as well, entirely separate from a friend of over fifteen years handing me a copy of his latest novel. I know now something about what he went through, and he has nothing but my sympathy regardless of the effect it had on him. Not his fault. Torture (and that is what this is regardless of some unethical attorney inside the DOD or CIA saying otherwise based on the definition of “custody”) takes its toll.

Additionally, it’s utterly ridiculous to dismiss the fact that I was writing a script partly based on Jeremy Scahill’s work and he moved in half a block away after I began that writing. I recall how we came to choose our place: amenities, proximity to the train, and price all worked out to be the best over the other four options. The seller wanted out quickly, wanted to move out to Long Island, get married, she was desperate.

“Lucky us.”

I’m betting Scahill’s experience was similar. Never spoke to him about it, don’t know.

Nothing at all there to arouse suspicion until these sorts of things happen over and over again, are coupled with harassment and loss that you never expected to come so close together, so quickly, much less be able to survive.

So, I go back to the two questions that matter: who and why? There is no other conclusion I can draw. When it isn’t stopped waaaaay before now, I have to assume there is a reason beyond not being believed. I have to assume (as in the case of the Finders FOIA document, for example) someone is making sure there is no interference from other parties who might take a dim view of attempting to create terrorism on American soil, of attempting to divide us in this insidious fashion, and attempting to malign the C-in-C in this way. They have to be powerful, well-funded, have access to things that fall under Clarke’s first law, and arrogant enough to think they can get away with it. That’s who.

Why? The reasons I’ve stated. There are so many, and what are the reasons not to? Because it’s wrong? Look at what else they have done that is not even in dispute. Look at the record. Look at how much money is being spent and where it goes.

There are so many examples I’ve seen of V2K in operation that it’s sometimes difficult to know which are best to reference.

How about the recent ex saying word-for-word something that my mother said to me on the payphone backstage at the NJSF? How about him saying things that had referenced my job in recent days that he had no way of knowing but were very much on my mind?

How about running into two more NJSF interns, one in my own neighborhood the other at a bar in which I arrived through a chain of events, not expecting to see him or anyone else I knew? How about yet another NJSF intern trying desperately to get back into contact with me when this whole thing began? All of those things are verifiable.

How about the double drug-related shooting that occurred directly in front of my ex boyfriend’s house that prompted him moving in with me (and months later screaming, “I will f***ing kill you!”)?

This all happened. If I am “crazy”, it’s because of it, not the cause.

So, it is possible (as in the case of Jared Lee Loughner, for example) to be a disturbed person and be a pawn, a surrogate, a proxy killer, at the same time. That can work even when it’s character assassination on the Internet and not actual assassination.

Except it ain’t workin’ that well on me any more, now is it? Not once I see the pattern. The same crap dressed up in a new package still stinks.

That’s about as simply as I can put it.

One more thing. Note some of the wording here. I’m not clear on the timeline with that other thing, but I posted that before I knew anything about that other to-do. And I decided not to edit it out even though it occurred to me maybe I should, because I was curious if it would spark something, and because that’s about as close as I can come to trying to convey that this has not been a “pleasure cruise”, has been “no bed of roses.”

(Always has to be a music reference. Only included to confuse the bad guys, so good guys don’t bother. Shhh! It’s Queen. 😉 ).


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