Pentagon Sockpuppet McCaffrey

Example of what I mean just a half hour ago or so (speaking of dinosaurs).

McCaffrey shows up on network news after several US armed service members have been injured and killed (including inside a building that McCaffrey himself said was the most secure in the country). He complains that the withdrawal used to be 2014, now Panetta says it’s 2013. And how we really need to “re-think our security strategy in Afghanistan.”

Which is all code for, the brass are purposely allowing things to go to s*** because they don’t care about the troops at all, they don’t care about our economic problems because they and their friends don’t have any except from “how can we get more contracts?”

So, why not, “We need to fire these old geezers who can’t do the job!”, General?

Because he’s in the bag, runs his own consulting business that thrives on war, not to mention him being dragged out and put on the screen as an “expert”. Expert, yes. Expert on how to talk Congress into spending as much money as possible on defense…and by extension as little as possible on things like education. Education that could have, for example, taught those marines the meaning of the SS flag they had their pictures taken with.

“The Military Industrial Complex: It’s not just about us ruining s*** overseas anymore.”

See this post.


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  1. […] were first restrained from, then “pooled” in, and finally “embedded” in the war effort, while retired generals were sent into TV newsrooms like so many play-by-play analysts on Monday Night Football to narrate our wars as they were […]

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