The Blaming Game (Minor Updates)

I suppose I’ll have to hold off for now on the continuation of the 1955 CIA MKULTRA draft memorandum (that we only have because it was missed when DCI Helms ordered all documents destroyed…I mean, what is the big deal with knowing what happened, it’s not as though it could all come back and bite us all on the ass, be a threat itself to national security, to the office of the POTUS, cause WWIII and Civil War II, undermine democracy in ways that America’s *EXTERNAL* enemies wish they could have pulled off) analysis.

And the one-two punch that says (take your pick):

“If he’d just die already, everyone else would be safe.”
“If he’d just take the DNC covert ops offer up on being their slave, their answer to James O’Keefe III, this wouldn’t happen.”
“If everyone just behaves like craven cowards and allows the bullies to destroy whomever they please, well then the rest of you might have an easier time of things.”

It’s the difference between what we want to believe and what the facts actually support. Who wouldn’t, for example, want to believe that all of this is the fault of one very brilliant person? That the rest of the world just isn’t smart enough to catch him?

It’s playing with cause-and-effect and the human tendency to look for the easy or fastest way out. It’s a psyop (to them).

But I know better. Please tell me that someone out there does too.

And that is why I just really don’t give a s*** who wins in November. There is no difference on the ground between bullies and those who steadfastly refuse to do a single thing, to lift a single finger, to stop them when it is without a doubt their job and in their own best interests. Maybe Lincoln’s “wait until it irons itself out” methods are over-rated. Sure are from down here.

This is about isolating, panicking and dividing. See that list in quotes? The only way to put an end to this is to do the opposite. This is what they want. They are going to do these things no matter what you do. Believe me, that has been 95% of my experience. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to offer olive branches, to put even the worst of what happened behind me (not to forgive, for example, the Conway fire, but to let it be until there’s a better opportunity to get to the bottom of it), to move on. Hell, I know good and goddam well that when I told Jim, “I’ve done all that I can do,” in early January 2010 that they heard that. And yet, that turned out to be one of the worst days and weeks that followed. What does that say?

That they don’t care. There is no “let’s make a deal” unless they are clearly in a position of weakness. Clearly, because bluff, lie and deceive is what they do best.

It just isn’t going to be allowed. This is a fight to the “death”, even if that means the only outcome is like that of Glickman… An entire lifetime ahead of him of contributing to humanity in art destroyed before he even got off the ground.

What is ‘justice delayed’ again?

PS: F*** you, Cynthia, you raging heroin-dealing thundercunt.


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