Undue Military Influence Over Media

Truthout – How the Pentagon got control of Hollywood and taxpayers get stuck with the bill

The scheme is simple: The Pentagon allows studios to use military hardware and bases at a discounted, taxpayer-subsidized rate.

In exchange, filmmakers must submit their scripts to the Pentagon for line edits. Not surprisingly, those edits often redact criticism of military policy, revise depictions of historical failures, and generally omit anything else that might make audiences wonder if our current defense policy is repeating past mistakes.

More at the article.

Now, apply that to the “tipping point” principle and bringing to the public eye things like voice-to-skull and biological alteration of brain chemistry so as to affect personality. Make soldiers who are guiltless (increase in rape?) and workers who will not blow the whistle on corruption because they are conditioned for absolute corporate loyalty.

It’s scary for a reason. It’s possible. And at some point it becomes increasingly difficult to stop because it becomes more effective over time as the research continues and improvements are made and new applications discovered.

Free will: RIP.


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  1. […] and rebels, once again began invading small countries (Grenada, Panama). At the same time, the Pentagon was investing thought and planning into how to put the media (blamed for defeat in Viet… and so give the public the war news it deserved. In the process, reporters were first restrained […]

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