Hersh is Right

NYTimes: Obama Administration Toughest on Whistleblowers. See Ashcroft’s bulls*** statement about how they (the Bush administration) would have been “hammered” for doing this.

Right. Torture, politicizing the US attorney system, un-Constitutional and illegal spying on Americans, illegal wars, lying about WMDs, treason, revealing of a CIA agent and the resulting destruction of a WMD tracking operation, attempting to tag Iraq with the fourth terrorist attack in the same month under W (anthrax after three planes), and profiting off of 9/11 (which Mr. Ashcroft’s consulting firm does).

Yeah, you guys got “hammered” for all of that. And you f***ing well did go after whistleblowers, that’s what Joe Wilson is, you facetious putz.

Also note lack of the word “torture” in the paragraph containing “enhanced interrogation” and “waterboarding.”

When are our “liberal media” going to pluck it’s head from its own ass and see what’s happening? Signs are everywhere.

You don’t have to be an Obama apologist (which I am not; if I’d wanted a moderate Republican president, I’d have voted for one) to see that the deeds are so far from the words that it’s beyond normal Washington dissembling. It’s someone else (e.g., these Dick Cheney fanclub nutbags in the Pentagon) calling the shots.

This is where we are, folks. It’s not even about the election. It’s about wresting control of our country back from military (and by extension their corporate pals’) control. Another election isn’t going to do that.

(This is what you get for waking me up at 2am).


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