Strategic Forecasting

You may have read something about Anonymous getting ahold of Stratfor (a private intel company) emails regarding everything from Coca-Cola spying in PETA to DOW concerned over some pranksters who succeeded in a disinformation campaign against them.

( Democracy Now’s coverage )

It also shows that the Department of “Surprise, We Love F***ing the American People” Homeland Security, DIA, and if the promise of a Stratfor exec was true, access to a secret FBI investigation into PETA.

That’s right. Extend the list of economy-destroyers to include the rest of the intel community as well. Extend the reason that wages cannot keep up with the cost of living to DHS. Extend the causes of the erosion of American safety and security to the jackasses pretending to be protecting it.

Stratfor used to, I assume in an effort to attract customers, have a lot of public analysis on their website. For example, in the 1990s when I found their website and started visiting it regularly (yeah…yeah…I know…) they had one thing in particular that they were proud to predict. There were white papers on it. It was a done deal. It was going to happen, no question.

Except it didn’t. They had predicted that Communist China would fall by the year 2000. I figured they were just behind a bit, maybe 2002…2004…

Then the info was behind a sign-in for customers only.

Here it is, 2012. Wrong. Dead f***ing wrong.

These are the kinds of people providing intelligence to…everyone…

And we wonder why things get so screwed up? Why we keep making expensive mistakes that get thrown onto the middle class (who cannot catch a break because the banking industry is hoarding money like it’s the last bit of oxygen on the planet and therefore preventing any new industry from arising).

These people are boogeymen. They scare not only politicians and the public with their exaggerations in order to get more funding, they are also in the way of innovation and moving forward on the economy in every way by doing the same to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Fire them all. Let them see what it’s like to struggle. Then we can keep a watch on them so that they don’t make any sudden moves.


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