Pointing Out the Old Posts – Grammar as Weapon? (Updated)

This one, for example.

The article link I added over there from MotherJones.

Referenced article in The Guardian

Referenced article at Politico

Wrong about who precisely, probably wrong about how and why, but right about something despite being a rightwingnut.

And, of course, my search for movie times in Minneapolis gave me information in AZ that day. Could have sworn I uploaded that pic already, but it was missing.

That’s what Ian Fleming would have referred to as not a coincidence, but rather enemy action.

Update: now imagine there are people like him inside. Smarter, better equipped, and above (or below, depending how you look at it) being responsible for their actions because they also manufacture fear, paranoia, and divisiveness.

You know, like what happened to Bobby Fischer or that dude from A Beautiful Mind, John Nash. Anyone not aboard the Corporatist Express and having the mental capacity to see the moves on the chessboard get their brains scuttled.

How similar do Fischer and Ivins sound, for example? Kaczynski and Loughner? E. Fuller Torrey and Ewan Cameron? Dan Markingson and Stanley Milton Glickman?

Or for that matter Dick Nixon and Dick Cheney?


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