US Army Testing of Psychoactives

Article at BoingBoing linking to a YouTube user who has posted several old Army reels. In this one, they test hallucinogens on a cat like they did in Pont-Saint-Esprit on people.

Speaking of which, here’s some more of what it must have been like from A Terrible Mistake, p. 351:

Eventually, the young man was tied down with thick leather straps, in a prone position on his back, onto a cot in a local jail cell. Within minutes, however, he had loosened one strap and chewed the others in pieces with such a frenzy and intensity that some of his teeth fell out of his bloody mouth. When he finally managed to break loose, he screamed that monsters were attacking him and he seized the metal bars of his cell, frantically trying to escape. With superhuman strength, he was able to bend them slightly, before he was again restrained.

Another young lad of about twelve years of age ran about the town screaming that dead people were rising up out of the ground at a nearby cemetery. “They’re coming to eat us, they’re coming to eat us alive,” warned the frantic boy….

Artwork outside my Minneapolis apartment last year. Which is not even close to being the only example.



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