Your Ass Broke?

(Note: There is more to this story. This is just one piece. I know it can be frustrating only reading part of it. In time.)

Received this earlier today:

Dear Tennessee MoveOn member,

The Tennessee legislature is facing an agenda packed with urgent issues: Attacks on workers’ rights. A wave of gay-bashing bills. More budget cuts—and tax cuts for the rich.

MoveOn members across Tennessee want to make their voices heard on these issues and many others being debated in Nashville. But first someone needs to take the lead. That’s where you come in.

To help, MoveOn has launched a website called, where you can create your very own petition to Governor Bill Haslam or the Tennessee legislature on whatever issues you’re most concerned about.

We’ll help make sure all the signatures get delivered and even send the most popular petitions to other MoveOn members in the state. But don’t wait—it is urgent that you act now before these issues are decided.

Click here to create your petition to Gov. Haslam or the Tennessee legislature.

Thanks for all you to do.

It’s like they think I’m the gay Martin Luther King, Jr. or something and not a witness to illegal human experimentation by the US government. Kinda makes you wonder how you wound up in a red state that you left on f***ing purpose over two decades ago because people are this f***ing stupid in the first place.

Like I said, they’d drive horses to death or run over cats and dogs just to impress PETA while not doing a single goddamn thing to actually help other than being on time. That’s your Democratic Party. That’s also your government. Granted, the bills haven’t passed yet, so there’s not yet an official opportunity to strut and make hypocritical declarations of un-Constitutionality to appear in support of something that every lack of action indicates just isn’t so.

But then there is right now ample opportunity to get a witness killed taking on the Good Ol’ Boys network in the Volunteer State and not raising any questions about how it happened.


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