Bill Maher Show

If you’ve been missing it and you find such topics interesting, you’ll want to get caught up on some recent episodes.

A few weeks ago, Maher closed the show by performing the “world’s first reverse baptism” on Romney’s father-in-law (he was not Mormon, but was baptised Mormon posthumously).

But what I really want to talk about is last Friday’s show. Neil Degrasse Tyson kicks a** like Mike Tyson.

First, he catches James Carville in a slip stating how much he (and believe me it’s no stretch that the majority of his party do as well) loves war.

Next, (and I can’t recall which topic it was, but it was one that I’ve blogged about here), Tyson is talking and you see Carville lowering his head because he knows stating the true Democratic stance on that policy (what the heck was it?) would not make them popular with the liberals and progressives who don’t think they have any choice but to vote for the party of fakin’ it.

Finally (and I really liked the guy, Bob Lutz; an old timey type conservative, loves cars, GM CEO, former Marine, was the “token conservative” at UC Berkeley when he was there, etc. but is not a Michelle Bachman looney-tuner) Tyson explains in detail to Lutz how climate change denial is preventing anything from being done, that such things typically go through three phases: 1) it’s not true; 2) it violates the teachings of the Bible, 3) we believed it all along.

Except, as Bill pointed out, we’ve actually gone backwards from 2 back to 1.

He also explains why Gingrich’s desire to go to the moon is not such a bad idea due to A) it increases our focus on education and that means we compete better with the rest of the world and B) the technological advances do also.

It’s because we allowed the party-of-no to destroy education as we once knew it during the Golden Space Age that has allowed China, for example, to surpass us in math and science. It’s because they aren’t interested in anything but right now, for themselves. It’s hard to take them seriously when they say that they love their country when they keep destroying it.

But the main point is that Lutz bought a house in a place that he said was supposed (according to climate change scientists) to be underwater three years ago in Florida.

I point back to this and that leaked Pentagon climate change report that everyone is afraid to talk about and therefore it is difficult to find articles on it (leaked in 2003, I think).

They “over-did it” in order to justify these invasions and taking away of civil liberties, and also so people would say things like Lutz said, “They haven’t been right about one prediction!” It’s to scare people into submission and act as though they have it all figured out, “We will protect you!” etc. while just soaking up money faster than the Treasury can print it. Excuses to snatch up natural resources that are causing the problem while polluting the world getting it. Strikes me as a spiral downward of no quick return.

Even if you don’t accept that explanation, climate change scientists have been right about some things. Melting ice caps. Change in seasonal behavior for plants and animals. Tyson suggests investing in companies that believe it is happening and compare that to ones that don’t fifty years from now.

(By the way, on discussion of language, in the Overtime segment of the show, an extra few minutes online only, they mention that the day that Teddy Kennedy died, he referred to him as a piece of human excrement. In other words, a piece of s***.)

And of course Carville answering the question about how his marriage to Mary Matalin works in today’s hostile environment. It’s because they are, apart from the crazy fringe, the same goddam party: one that soaks up people’s money to keep them rich while problems that they do not fix pile up that only increase the cash flow.

Just a PS. I did find the show a few weeks ago where Alexandra Wentworth thought it was hilarious when she was a kid to–because her family’s phones were tapped by the Nixon Administration–to pick up the phone when she got home from school and to shout “Balls!” into it. Except I doubt I’d have been that gentle on the language whether it was on the phone or in an email. 🙂


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