Why Cynthia and Nastasia Are TehSuck

It’s exactly the kind of story I’m talking about. We accept the utterly preposterous because it reminds of us so many older stories.

I’m talking about the disappearance of Bob Levinson.


He disappeared while investigation a 1980 murder in the US when he was interviewing an Iranian in Iran. This Friday will mark the fifth anniversary of his disappearance.

Sounds like the hostage situation under the Carter administration doesn’t it? Or, if you follow those things, the other kidnappings that Iranian intelligence indulged in during the 1980s.

Except that’s bulls***. This is not the 1970s.

Ahmadinejad made it obvious what his stance is on Larry King. He wants to use Levinson as a bargaining chip. He wants US cooperation with his own agenda where intelligence is concerned.

Now. Knowing that we, for example, found Osama Bin Laden and really, we can find anyone we want with the satellites we have and the much-larger-than-anyone-suspects influence and proliferation of CIA informants and assets throughout the globe, how is it we cannot find a white American man being held in Southeast Asia?

It’s because these two agencies don’t want to. Like Ahmadinejad, they have their own agendas. CIA definitely wants a war with Iran because they are beholden to the oil industry (and somehow they think that will actually help). NSA of course is under the control of people like Michael “Self-Dealer” Hayden (Romney’s man) and those members of JSOC who think that the Constitutional idea of an elected official controlling the government somehow hurts national security, their own zealous religious beliefs, and most of all all those perks you get from kissing the a** of the military industrial complex.

So, what would be appropriate? What would be the punchline/headline of all time?

If Anonymous were able to locate him. Imagine the hilarity that would ensue when the entire federal government had to backpedal on awarding the $1 million for information leading to where Levinson is being held because it was done by some independent hackers. Especially given the current issues between Anonymous and the FBI.

I cannot imagine a better f*** you because it would also show that NSA and CIA are too busy being corporatist and helping drag the US into yet another oil war to do a single decent goddam thing that they could have done years ago.

“What’s in it for me?” is their motto. They’d rather use him to start a war than help his family.

So, I say go for it, boys. When you allow hate and greed to control your actions, you’ve joined the a**holes on the other side. Bet you could do it easily.

EDIT: Remember how Bush41 justified invading Panama partly on one captive American journalist?

EDIT2: “Hey, a**holes. You know those people you arrested? Unlike you, they actually care about people and not just making sure that the board of Exxon-Mobil gets world record vagynormous bonuses (as they have for the past several years) at the expense of most everyone else including blood and tax dollars.”

(They disrupted my Internet connection to delay that.)


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