Army Drugs, Torture, and Murderous Rampages (Updated)

Above Top Secret – Bales may be victim of malaria vaccine

Truthout – DOD Using Malaria Drug for Torture at Gitmo

So, again, this is one of the drugs that the intelligence community of the United States of America dosed me with in mid to late December 2009. I described some of that experience (it lasted well into 2010, maybe partway into 2011) here.

Same as they did to New Jersey Shakespeare Festival intern K*** M***** in 1989.

BONUS: And the reminder: Romney wants to double the size of Gitmo. Vulture capitalism at its finest. So, vote for Romney so that your grandkids will be poor, stupid, and still fighting the war on terror and his will be rich off of it and he and his ilk throw you religious epithets about how God wants you that way while the cash piles up.

UPDATE: Truthout pokes multiple holes in the claim that Bales’ actions were the result of mefloquine. They also hint at motive for doing so.


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