Lynnae Williams

You may have already heard the story of Lynnae Williams. If not, take a read at this article on the Daily Beast.

Of particular interest to me is this portion:

In July 2009, Williams says she was transferred to the CIA’s national clandestine service training program, where she took the “field tradecraft course.” Williams says her life changed permanently on Oct. 27, 2009, when a colleague reported her to CIA security for what she says was “bizarre and inappropriate behavior,” such as looking on classified computers for information about herself and telling colleagues that she was being followed.

So, goes to training, comes back drugged. Possible motives? Black female? Someone doesn’t want the Agency to lose it’s white boys club feel? She saw something? Expressed concerns for the quaint things like the Constitution or freedom?

Hard to say. What I do know is that she is probably sincere, probably telling the truth but this is still a trap. CIA is being way too quiet (as is the conservative media) which means they’ve got something they plan to throw out there to kill the story and ones like it.

I wish her well. Don’t know that I would have chosen the PLO as an employment opportunity, but then once you’ve been tortured, intimidated, harassedby the CIA, it’s understandable. I mean, look what they did with Ted Kaczynski.

You can follow Lynnae at @wlynnae on Twitter.

With agencies like these, who needs Al Qaeda?


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