Definitions and Examples

(Note: this is a work in progress. I will be adding to it and modifying it over the coming week).

Organized Stalking


ANCHORING – Focusing the cause of the stalking on some false lead; also making the TI focus on some specific item, color, etc. via constant exposure to same during stressful events.

Examples: Balding wore a bright orange coat and and a silly “Russian” fur hat. There were also several other people walking around, usually in front of my apartment, with other bright primary color clothing. This included two young military-looking men in blue who both jogged by while I was watching one or two similarly dressed individuals playing with something on the roof of the apartment building catty-corner from Jeremy Scahill’s apartment building, having a conversation on Twitter and watching (without my glasses) a doppelgänger interaction in front of the apartment building two doors from my own.

BAITING / ENTRAPMENT – Encouraging and setting up situations wherein the TI may unknowingly break a law or be encouraged to do so.

Example one: Jared encouraging me to go get a gun because “people are being hurt.” This is the clearest indication that the US government is encouraging homegrown terrorism. The more strife there is, the more money CIA, DHS, and DOD are given, the more limited our civil liberties become. These people represent a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States and should be treated as terrorist organizations because that is what they are. That they have protection from certain members of Congress only further illustrates that it is well past time to go Elliot Ness on somebody’s a**. That entire affair was designed to make me think initially that Doctorow/EFF and later FBI was responsible. That’s how I know it was neither.

Example two: Driving Jerry’s car so it would not get ticketed and towed after he passed out at my apartment. While it was his car, on paper, I would learn later, it appears to belong to someone else because though money passed hands they never tidied up the paperwork. This “punishes” a good deed which sums up just how evil the CIA and DOD have become. They don’t want kindness, love and compassion, they want fear, hatred and spite. They are fascists, corporatists, racists, bigots, nazis, and religious radicals. The worst combination imaginable.

Further, they consider “the troops” expendable, tools, a means to a greedy end, and therefore are deserving of neither respect nor mercy. Insurrection, rebellion, mutiny all carry the death penalty. To get a feel for the mindset, read the FOIA on Operation Northwoods. They do not care if they get soldiers and civilians killed, only that the Complex gets fed no-bid contracts. They are the worst imaginable example of America, they are a cancer, they are evil incarnate. I look forward to the future Nuremberg trials and only wish I could be the one pulling the lever. I would sleep soundly, except I’d party all night first. They are responsible for more death and pain in the world than Osama Bin Laden could have dreamed of. Justice may be slow, but it’s not dead.

BRIGHTING – Flashing of bright lights at the TI for various purposes. When combined with certain drugs (such a mefloquine), the exposure to this kind of stimulus is torturous. Noise campaigns are also done for similar reasons. Extended sleep deprivation can cause the TI to further behave irrationally and make them more susceptible to voice-to-skull suggestions.

Example: even my partner noticed the strange, loud, brightly lit garbage truck that drove slowly by the apartment early one morning. I think it was he (though I had the same thought) who said it more resembled a UFO the way it sounded and was overlit. Imagine my internal reaction having been unknowingly drugged.

CAR ACCIDENTS – Example: Ran my son over while he was riding his bike with a SUV in 2004. The driver, another young man about the same age, had hit multiple objects, ran over three or four dogs, and hit a few other people. This individual is the Loughner of driving, directed by voice-to-skull or some other tech to choose targets and to test it. It’s assassination-by-proxy. My son survived, broken collarbone, leg injury. This coincided with a debate on EZBoard over a religious question at a military school, as I recall. EZBoard was later hacked and many discussions disappeared systemwide. The FBI believed that a disgruntled former employee was responsible. That’s not impossible, just that he was directed, like the driver, via so-called mind control.

Note that the incident occurred not long before the GenCon Indy convention and that was where I would later meet NSA, DIA or ONI agent Anthony Gipe when he inserted himself into my social circle in 2005.

I also note that former CIA/DIA agent Lynnae Williams had a car accident.

COLOR HARASSMENT – Use of color as a harassing factor. Note the example at this website. This is reminiscent of the Men in Black incidents. The men were all wearing orange makeup and harassing witnesses to what I believe was the development phase of the U2 spy plane in the late 1940s.

See also ANCHORING, above.

CONVOY – Tailgating or driving by the TIs home.

Example: this one is an example of the hilarious. (Note- Heathcliff witnessed this as well). Must have been sixty or seventy police cars, all told. They just kept coming.

The hilarious part? They were all K9 units. Every last one. They were from all over Minnesota. I assume there was some kind of training thing going on in or near the Twin Cities, as my street is the main drag between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I actually saw several more the next day as well.

So, what was actually happening? Voice-to-skull was used to get me outside to see it (“Smoke time!”) and then to notice it. That is all. They were not (unless Governor Dayton has one helluva sense of humor) “targeting” me.

CROWDING / MOBBING – Groups of people box in or invade the personal space of the TI.

I have not experienced this per se. However, there was a period of time where I was getting my picture snapped repeatedly by people on the street. Most looked like the kinds of people who would read BoingBoing. Kinda trendy and nerdy at the same time. You can guess the false narrative, I suppose.

I also saw a Marine on the subway in 2010 snapping people’s pictures and laughing maniacally as though he was listening to some voice the rest of us could not hear. I suppose I was a little relieved it was a camera and not a gun.

CYBER-STALKING – Many, many examples of this. Changing my default iTunes language to Farsi is one. Using my comic book contact email to create a Skype account in the name of one of the comic book characters (and who knows WTF was said over Skype by these a-holes?) resulting in the cancelation of the email account by NSA/Google. After the October 2009 breaking into and robbing my local comic store, leaving a mess with my comic sitting on top of it, you have to assume these people do not give a s*** about the Constitution/First Amendment.

Additionally, they frequently send politicians and others emails that appear to originate from me but did not. I’ve documented that here and elsewhere.

DIRECTED CONVERSATIONS – Definitely both run by operatives and via voice-to-skull. This is an intimidation and mindf*** tactic. Some stranger says something to you that they have no apparent way of knowing. Something private or old.

Now, it’s been said that when someone runs a background check on you for, for example, sensitive work, they will find out everything about you, will speak to everyone you have ever known, etc. That’s part of, but not all, of “how” they pull off this trick. Here’s the rest.

First, when someone says, “I’ve never told anyone that before,” they probably have and have forgotten. For example, I forgot that I had mentioned a couple of times how the CIA was hiring Mormons at a strange rate in the 1980s while at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. It came up because there was an actor slated to play Joseph Smith in a propaganda piece. So, when someone wrote more recently, “The LDS has what’s left of my family now,” the message is clear (even if that’s a bit off on the truth of the matter) and I recall having talked about it.

Likewise Heathcliff repeating what my mother said to me on the payphone at the NJSF. Our stay at NJSF was a CIA/DOD operation. Of course they recorded all of that. (It’s things like this that make you lament/celebrate the sad state of the intel community).

Additionally, there is the psychology of shotgun memes. In other words, they might hit you in one day with twenty or thirty things that would, under the same circumstances, alarm most people. It’s just that you only notice the one or two or three that are on your mind. It seems like the supernatural but you filtered out the twenty plus other attempts that didn’t work. This is, in my opinion, the basis for fortunetelling: they tell you five vague things only one of which has to come to pass in order for it to seem divinatory.

Example: I met a homeless man in early 2010 in Manhattan. Gave him some money. As I was walking away, he said, “Look out for the sharks.”

Not actually sure if he was operative or if that was V2K. I turned back around and said, “Ok, now I have to know, why did you say that?”

He explained that he had read in the papers that someone’s son, someone else’s daughter, had been eaten by sharks recently in Central or South America.

See the connection to me giving him money? Me neither.

This was plain and simple scumbaggery threats against my son. Not the only example, not by a longshot. There were other examples of the shark meme (“…with my swimfins on my back” and the shark cloud via Sony’s cerebral cortex toy detailed elsewhere on this blog) as well, which was why I stopped to ask him why he said it. I lean toward V2K, but there was something about him that didn’t quite fit the NYC homeless pattern either. In any case, he didn’t seem hostile.

DOPPELGANGER – A person who resembles another person, living or dead, currently or in the past (that is, they might be an impossibly young version of someone you know). This is sometimes combined with the use of drugs and voice-to-skull to enhance the TIs reaction.

Examples: January of 2010, after getting locked out of my place of work without explanation, saw a cross between Jacques Cousteau and Peter Watts in Midtown Manhattan near Midtown Comics, while waiting for the store to open. Saw at least three doppelgängers of former CIA anti-terror agent Larry Johnson, two in Brooklyn and one online, apparent owner of a blog who commented on the Squidgate story (the one who said, “Hasn’t the guy ever heard of a lock and chain?” in reference to Watts’ laptop).


GHOSTING – Moving, temporarily hiding or rearranging property in order to disturb the TI and make any complaints about the rearranging and suddenly reappearing property seem as though they are coming from a deranged person. This serves to further isolate the TI from law enforcement, to undo what Sir Robert Peel said was essential for the success of law and order: the public and the police must be one. These people are driving a wedge of distrust between people and the government for personal gain, to profit off of discord, like Blackwater in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Example: the disappearance for three days of a black bag and writing Moleskin within it in January 2010. It reappeared next to the apartment door three days later. This, and the lights flickering and noises from the apartment above (where Anthony and roommate were renting that condo) were right out of the film Gaslight. My partner and I watched the film the previous November after recording it on or just before Halloween.

MIMICRY – Korean in the movie theater December 2009 did that. When I showed my partner the copy of The Boys I had just bought, the funny little man next to me got out his book and started reading it in a bizarre fashion. When I got out a cough drop, he did likewise. Pure intel community skullf***ery designed to destroy my life because I witnessed the testing of this kind of crap in 1989 and 1990.

Additionally, as the White House has undoubtedly figured out by now, it was about trying to make a “fan” of George Clooney, Barack Obama, the Clintons, Jeremy Scahill, Robert Baer, supporter of Joe and Valerie Wilson look like a terrorist and/or a deranged person like Jared Lee Loughner. Note anything consistent in that list? How about that the fire at the Conway’s occurred on Bill Kristol’s birthday, December 23rd? I actually emailed Bill to warn him that someone was trying to direct my ire at him and that there might be others.

Another example, that cow who was loudly repeating what I was saying to my ex-partner on the phone in Minneapolis while on the Stone Arch Bridge (I ended it by saying to her, “Ain’t that the f***ing truth?” Brooklyn style. Minnesotans are not used to direct confrontation, preferring the passive-aggressive “Minnesota nice.” That shut her up). She was probably an operative. This is the level of s***headery we have in the intel community these days and she was enjoying harassing me too much to be just a baseline a**hole.


TI – Targeted Individual.


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