More on Organized Stalking Motives

(Warning: takes another religious turn toward the end. Couldn’t be helped. You have to point out the inner-inconsistencies of your opponents).

Summary: the goals are to drive people crazy, cause division, remove civil rights, undermine the government. Who profits?

Taking a look at what people have said, experienced (filtered through what I believe was actually happening, eg, voice-to-skull, not thousands of people knowingly involved in a conspiracy), I restate what should be obvious.

It is impossible that the organized stalking phenomenon could exist and persist this long if it were simply a network of nazis with no connections to government and money. Likewise, it is impossible that they could use technology such as the patents I’ve pointed out that utilize the Frey effect and the fact that the brain and nervous system are, ultimately, a form of computer and network that can be hacked just like any other and it not have military and intelligence facets to it.

Since the origins of the Men in Black were clearly a form of organized stalking, since it centered around what seemed to the witnesses to be technology too advanced to be the USA, they assumed it was UFOs (technically correct, unidentified flying objects) but again, this was 1947 and 1949. The CIA and DOD acquired Nazi rocket technology which had surpassed that of the Allies (thankfully not the Bomb) via Operation Paperclip in exchange for allowing some of them to flee to South America. So, it could have been rocket tests or, as I’ve suggested, prototype testing of the U2 spyplane, first known official flight 1955. One assumes development went slower in the pre-PC days when it was people doing most of the math without much in the way of CPU help.

That was government in any case and related to military and intelligence activities. Note again: technology that seemed far more advanced than the average American mindset could accept as being possible at the time.

(Additionally, I think that true of the moral and ethical part of this. We cannot accept that anyone, no matter how greedy, would for example allow the 9-11 attacks for personal gain. Let me disavow you of that right now. They not only could, they did. Too much points in that direction.)

Another example was what I discovered in 1982: that NSA had a method (that may or may not have been effective) of reading what is on a computer screen from outside a building. The photons travel through the walls very, very faintly and can be detected. This is 1982. Before the Internet. Before the PC became the mainstay that it is today (for now).

So, you have the preposterous idea that there is some entity that the US government is unable to detect and stop despite it’s breaking of numerous laws. It’s because it is hiding behind the excuse of national security. Law enforcement, like most of the rest of us, turns a blind eye toward bending and breaking of the rules when that is mentioned. It’s authoritarianism and part of human nature to accept most of what an authority figure says as fact as long as it is said the way we want to hear it and comes from someone we have decided has some level of trustworthiness about them.

Basically, when CIA does something on US soil that, were it done by, for example, the Black Panthers or the KKK the FBI would be all over it, it is in part because it ceases—they think—to be the FBI’s job to do anything about it. It moved from being a legal issue to a security one—they think. Similarly, it can spell the end of your career very quickly sticking your nose into things like this.

Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us that this would happen. He saw it coming. It grew from profiting off of making tanks, planes, guns and ammo in WWII to what we have now: a security, surveillance, intelligence AND perpetual war state fueling itself by causing the same strife it wants to be paid to “fix.” That is the primary motive for organized stalking: to kill the Constitution by making the American people want it to be killed. “Just protect us from whatever the heck this is!” That makes it a false-flag attack. Pretend it’s some other group, Illuminati, space aliens, Satanic cults, etc. and profit off of the suckers who buy into that.

Next, there is the religious motive. I still have some trouble squaring this because, well, that Jesus guy was so not into violence. But his representatives have long been into more than making up for that.

Hitler was not an atheist. That is a lie spread by people who want to reframe what happened. He made it clear: he said he was killing Jews, gays, intellectuals, the racially impure because God hated them. Whether or not he really believed that is immaterial. The fact that people accepted it as true is the point.

When Romney has such strong ties to CIA (Cofer Black) and NSA (Michael Hayden) it’s worrisome when you recognize that both have become the pimps for a very large business in the wake of 9-11. When you also accept and recognize that it’s not just Karl Rove and Frank Luntz who used the Big Lie (the less true it is, the more you say it and it will be believed), but Joseph Goebbels as well, and that they always accuse their opponent of their own worst attributes…and that they refer to Barack Obama as the anti-Christ…

Well, that strikes me as cause for worry. So does “secret terrorist.” (See again allowing 9-11 to happen to profit). So does Romney’s promise to double the size of Gitmo.

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the experiences of other targeted individuals, to read the experiences of yet more and the similarities are striking. That implies that the word organized is apt.

The CIA spent and spends a great deal of time, energy and your money on thinking up, discovering and compiling books on “dirty tricks”, on psychology, and on how to achieve goals, to prod a target into doing what they want the target to do. This stuff is so old that some of it has made its way into the public domain (books by George Hayduke for example). However, this phenomena would not continue if it was not sanctioned by CIA and the Pentagon. It just wouldn’t. These are two extremely powerful organizations.

And both have a history that includes abuse of all kinds, of disrespect for civil liberties, of radical propaganda (it is not easy to kill someone; demonizing the enemy has long been a tactic to make that easier). Hatred of minorities, gays, foreigners, politicians and civilians is actively encouraged and we have all seen and heard examples of it. This is why rape has gone up and is winked at. This is why WWASPS existed.

Further, as I said recently, the goal is to divide the public from law enforcement, to increase distrust. It does not help that being a cop does not generally pay well. It does not help that there is a certain level of (often justified) concern over corruption and abuse.

But that is being exploited, enhanced and exaggerated to unravel society as we have known it to replace it with a totalitarian state. Who profits? The mercenary and security corporations who will get contracts after the government “fails.”

And again this is ultimately about helping a few people get richer and everyone else to get poorer. About coddling the 1% at the expense of the 99. Cheap, compliant labor not because it has to be that way but because some people have decided that their already undue influence over how society is run is not enough, they want absolute power.

Enter behavioral modification. Mind control. Psychological warfare. Propaganda. Lies. New methods of assassination, difficult to detect. Social engineering on a national, sometimes international scale. The belief that God’s greatest reward is financial gain and that receiving it is proof of his love and murder is what he wants despite that whole thing about camels and eye of the needle, about turning over tables, and about healing an ear when a sword gets used.

That’s hypocrisy. No matter if you believe in it or not, if you claim to, you are being not only inconsistent but actually more than that, doing the opposite of what your instruction manual tells you. You are allowing evil men to manipulate you by quoting your book and not thinking for yourself (testing the spirits, if you prefer) and doing evil, spreading hate and fear. If there is a God, he must hate that.

So, stop being full of s*** and and take your stuff seriously or admit that you are willfully part of a killing machine that only cares about power and financial gain. You can’t serve God and Mammon, remember?

God is such a communist!

And yet it’s apparently Mormons and Wall Street whores in the CIA and radical Catholics and self-dealers in the Pentagon hell-bent on Big Oil running the show, bankers helping themselves to all of the money that once powered the economy from the buying power of the middle class.

Does that make sense to you? Only if your god is an a**hole. Is he?


Musical Break

This is what we call irony, from the Wikipedia entry on the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs):

In January 1971 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director, Richard Helms, approved a program of “covert recruitment and security clearance support to BNDD”, on request of the BNDD director, John Ingersoll.[2][3] Ingersoll suspected widespread corruption among BNDD agents, and in December 1970 requested the CIA’s assistance in rooting it out.[4]

In 1973, the BNDD was merged into the newly formed DEA.

That is what must happen to the CIA. It has to be shut down, replaced. The survival of the species depends on it. They (and their criminal counterparts at the Department of Defense and the private sector) are the leading cause of lack of action on dealing with climate change. They are that graft happy and corrupt. It’s all about right now and nothing about the future. China continues to pump out engineers and scientists while these geniuses desire nothing but stupidity, ignorance, obedience and perpetual warfare. Think of the children. 🙂

At the risk that they will murder Ricky Martin (he is a gay after all, and if there’s one thing we know about Cynthia, it’s that she hates faggots. Well, that and she’s a psychotic suicidal greedy nutbag).

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I feel a premonition that girl’s gonna make me fall.
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She’s got a new addiction for every day and night.

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like a bullet to your brain.
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