Werewolf Memes Revisited

This is in reference to this post.

Background on “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron”:

The juror in the Squidgate case who was the last holdout, who bothered to write the judge asking for leniency in the sentencing found herself in legal jeopardy when a friend of her son’s came over and played some video games on December 6, 2010*. He then went upstairs and stole some clothing and fur (the juror does crafts, her husband is a Native American Army veteran) and left. He went to a local Check’N’Go and committed armed robbery with fur glued to his face.

The sheriff’s department apprehended him within three hours and was at the juror’s home asking questions. Though they were extremely polite, they accused both her and her son of committing the felony. She cooperated and answered their questions until it became obvious that they had made up their minds.

Four days or so later, the police showed up and said that they had more questions. The juror asked if they were being arrested and were told no. She then stated that she would contact her attorney and they would make an appointment to come down and answer their questions with her attorney present. One of the policemen then shoved her and pushed his way into the house.

“I thought you said you weren’t arresting us.”

“I guess we are.”

This was both an attempt to provoke violence and an attempt to embarrass the family in front of their neighbors.

They were arrested. The police had a warrant but failed to mention that when they showed up.

They let the dog out of the house. When the juror was being arrested, she asked if they would let the dog back in. The police response was, “I don’t give a f*** about your dog.”

They did ask if she wanted them to lock the door. The juror told them no, realizing that they wanted to lock the door just so they could bust the door down resulting in damage to the home.

Once in lockup at the county jail, they were separated and found the robber, Derek Sherbutt there. They tried again to intimidate confessions out of them and they discovered that Derek claimed that the juror’s son had given him a ride to the Check’N’Go.

They would later discover that the police had shown the woman who was robbed by Derek photos of the juror and several other women, and asked her which woman had robbed her.

“Which part of ‘I was robbed by a man’ don’t you understand?” was her reply.

Hard on for the juror. Why?

When the juror’s husband discovered they had been arrested, he tried to find them. Were they at the City jail, the County jail, or in State Police custody? He called all three several times. The sheriff’s office lied to him repeatedly, including when he showed up there in person. Suddenly, after he pushed the dispatcher at the sheriff’s office that he knew they were there, the woman replied that they had just now been entered into the system.

The end result: Derek had his armed robbery sentence reduced to two months for implicating the juror and her son. St. Clair County has five years to charge them.

Later, there was apparently the theft of some scrap copper in the neighborhood. The police used that as an excuse to come take photos of the juror’s storage shed and its contents. They accused them of being responsible for the theft.

More recently, about the time I emailed them to let them know I might come visit at some point in the coming months this past February, their dog decided to take a walk on their frozen-over swimming pool. Their five year old grand daughter (who is by all accounts a bright little girl) decided to follow the dog.

Fortunately, a neighbor noticed when she broke through the ice and ran over and pulled her out of the water (the pool was not filled all the way, so it was easier than if it had been otherwise).

The behavior of the police, Derek, the dog and the little girl were all the result of voice-to-skull. I’ve seen it demonstrated so many times it’s as real as gravity to me. And it’s the military and CIA who have it.

Clearly, this was revenge for interfering in the Squidgate trial/sentencing, designed to provoke and destroy, to attack and try to shake up both myself and Peter.

These people, these self-dealing traitors, these people who have been sewing dissent, pitting people against each other, are guilty of mutiny and rebellion, are “enemies domestic.” Terrorists. Period.

If you are in the position of responsibility and work in counter-terror in any way and are doing nothing to prevent their intention, a second American civil war, then you are part of the problem. You are supporting terrorism.

Lastly, the fur on Derek’s face…that he chose to glue on. Coyote fur.

* Yes, that is my wedding anniversary, two days shy of the one-year anniversary of the events on the Blue Water Bridge resulting in Squidgate and the release of the Open Government Directive by the Obama Administration.



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