A friend of mine stopped reading this blog some time ago because he said that the antagonists seemed like cartoon characters. That is understandable. They are.

Human beings without a conscience are one dimensional.

It’s an old acting maxim that every character thinks he or she is justified in what they do. Why should removal of a conscience make any difference? It’s still the unconscious driving and consciousness making excuses. Life imitates art.

It’s greed to the point of ridiculousness. It’s an animal that eats until its stomach ruptures. It’s a queen ant that forces its workers to feed it until they all die off in servitude. Justified by vague emotional manipulation based on the perversion of an ancient story about love. Self-defeating and suicidal, there is no reasoning with it. It does not care about the pain it causes, it is comfortable as long as it increases its power and fortune and sees others losing the same. It’s a game of Monopoly where the end is everyone loses.

I was once told that money is smart and is attracted to smart people. That is clearly not the case, merely those who will stop at nothing to get it. That’s brutality, not intelligence.

They act as if it’s the end of the world and they fully intend to take it with them. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like treating people like criminals just so the private security and prison system can profit. They just don’t have enough to “eat” so they are “growing” as much strife as they can; race wars, criminalizing petty drug crimes while running the business on the big scale; removing civil liberties in order to provoke a violent response in order to justify taking more money and rights to continue the cycle.

Where are the adults? I don’t think there are any.


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