Remove the Experts

When one is about to engage in a large operation, one that can and will result in a lot of news coverage and you want to control the narrative in order to prevent people from putting two and two together, one needs to make certain that anyone who will recognize the M.O. is either on board, blackmailed, intimidated, or simply removed from the playing field.

Such may be the case for Chris Hatcher. He died unexpectedly at the age of 52 of an apparent stroke on February 20, 1999 near his home in San Diego.

There was a similar story in the mid aughties with regards to seven or so WMD experts. Think that has already been covered, but to summarize, they all died within a relatively short period of time in, as I recall, 1999 and 2000. One was notably sacrificed to Satan by his own daughter and her occultist friends (speaking of MK/ULTRA).

Hatcher was, among other things, an expert on brainwashing and captivity, the so-called Stockholm syndrome. He helped a victim of a violent sex offender and torturer to move on with her life after years of abuse through therapy.

It seems obvious why they would not like the man.


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  1. […] Also, this was the method of demise for at least one WMD scientist in 1999 or 2000 when seven or eight of them died within a relatively short period (and therefore were not around once the time to invade Iraq came around, just Scott Ritter whom they assassinated character instead). And of course, Chris Hatcher, expert on brainwashing. […]

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