Where the Fiction Came From


(Or, the answer for once to the question often posed to writers far superior to me, “Where do you get your ideas from?”).

This one was my response to what I firmly believe to have been the second assassination attempt on Peter. (See Pricks and Prick II for the history and supposition for where the CIA and DOD took their assassination tools since the 1950s). As opposed to what these imbeciles wanted: me to rush off like Sonny Corleone onto the causeway. I even named the main character, Duke, after the dog at the hotel in Port Huron that lived in the office behind the front desk, who I heard do the same exact bark pattern over and over, but never saw until I was leaving, that I had started to doubt the existence of until I finally saw it being walked outside. (Get it? There is a dog! 🙂 ). This being the second attempt, the first being whatever it was would have been arranged in prison. Being shivved, etc.

This one was when I saw the pattern of, as alluded to in the second quote in the previous post, attempting to divide and conquer. They were playing my old friend from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival and I off against each other. (Also, there actually was another intern who worked at the Kuwaiti embassy as a caterer in the early 1990s. The mere idea that he was a spy, knowingly or not, is laughable…I don’t care how much you brainwashed and/or hypnotized that one. Good luck. If there is one constant in the Universe, it must be R****** D*****’s stubbornness). The whole set up with K*** M***** in the middle, me playing the knight in shining armor trying to save her from the man she thought was “The devil”, etc. Hilarious in retrospect but also a sad testimony to the state of CIA’s planning department.

You see, it’s all about controlling the narrative. If you can convince enough people that a witness to illegal activities is insane, you remove the effectiveness of the witness and you can continue destroying the American middle class with your insane little plans to turn the country into a police state in the name of preserving the power structure. That same power structure that is leading us all into oblivion, the bad definition of the word apocalypse. A Truthout email quote from today on that very topic:

Instead of divine intervention accompanied by rivers of blood and fire, perhaps this idea of “lifting of the veil” is better understood as the revelation of a fundamental choice: do we, as a species, embrace our potential for good by realigning our intentions and our actions to come together in solidarity, solve our problems and work to reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet? Or do we choose the path of exploitation, separation and destruction?

Additionally, you’ve got the triple whammy of CIA and DOD defying President Nixon by failing to abide by a presidential order to destroy biological weapon stockpiles (the fish venom), dosing nearly the entire Nixon entourage to the USSR for the SALT talks with LSD (because nukes are profitable to those who make and maintain them), and the Radford spying incident which was, many believe, related to Watergate and Nixon’s downfall. Did they drug Nixon to make him paranoid like they did Lynnae Williams, K*** M*****, myself and countless others?

Bill Clinton used a contractor for CIA’s role while president. He rarely if ever met with neocon DCI James Woolsey. Did he realize that CIA would mislead him? (This came out of one of the books about the Clinton presidency, I think, so there is no link to an article about that on this blog. Just check the index for Woolsey when in the larger bookstores. It’s one of the major book releases.)

The point being, they clearly sometimes at the very least do their own thing, defy the POTUS. That is not how it’s supposed to be. Therefore, they are too powerful, have become corrupt, and are a threat, not our saviors as depicted on TV and often in film.

This one was my response to what I considered to be an over-worry on the part of some people with regards to being overly politically correct especially in the face of extinction (thinking of the acm situation) and how you cannot please everyone, especially those who just require hate.

The funny thing? I had absolutely no idea that the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking was coming on April 15, and actually discovered that a few hours later or the next day. It just seemed the most obvious metaphor for the human race right now and how we get bogged down in the little things while the big ones get ignored like the guy on the basketball court wearing the gorilla suit in that psychology video. We just ignore and rationalize what doesn’t fit our preconceptions about the way things are. Unsinkable. Climate change is just a theory. Those were both from consensus.

And since 74% of Americans believe in angels, if you are part of the 26% who do not, you are clearly delusional. Right? The vast majority do. That’s a consensus.

(Though I have to say that sometimes delusions are good things. If you are being held captive or stuck on a desert island for an extended period of time—or just stuck in Minneapolis for a year and a half at the mercy of Top Secret America, believing that a nonexistent rescue is coming any day can help get you through the day. The problem is, eventually you realize that was all bulls***, no one gives a damn and that is why we’re all f***ed. Well, that and brainhacking. But lying to yourself got you through to that point. I suppose it’s like using the best available theory until the better one comes along).

Additionally, there is part of the draft defunct novelization of the defunct comic book miniseries We Were the Freedom Federation linkable from its Facebook page. There are some interesting things over on Facebook as well. Occasionally, I overlapped here and Twitter, but not always. A few of those chapters must seem familiar as rewritten. Opens with crossing the border from New Jersey to New York City.


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