Once Again

This is in reference to the recent scandal surrounding Secret Service agents. Google it.

First, this is the exact same principle as what I mentioned in the previous post where CIA dosed the people on Air Force One with LSD in an attempt to derail the SALT talks. In this case, the goal was simply to give the a**holes in Congress an excuse to put the Secret Service in a position to be distracted.

How do I know? As I have already indicated, this is how the NY attorney general toughest on Wall Street corruption got ruined once he became governor. This was how they removed one of the staunchest critics of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and supporter of the peace potential for the so-called Ground Zero mosque from his seat in Congress. Hell, for all I know, this is how they created Monicagate. Clinton was on Scaife’s radar way before the road to the White House. This is how they (coupled with V2K manipulation of the two ladies after) nailed Julian Assange.

This is why I was running around lower Manhattan and frequenting the bars just before and after the Squidgate trial. The feeling of whatever thing they dosed people with I have previously described as feeling like there are rose petals flying out of your heart. You also get a warm, vibraty feeling in your guttywutts (yes, that’s from A Clockwork Orange but is apt) and lower. You know…lower. You feel like Casanova.

Now, when confronted by this phenomenon, so-called psychologists come trotting out on TV and in newspaper interviews with the phony narrative that it’s just the pressure of being so darn driven combined with a secret deep down need to be punished. (Recall again: Ewan Cameron, first president of the World Psychiatry Association attached electrodes to a woman’s brain for the CIA at McGill University. This was not an anomaly where CIA and mind control are concerned, just one of only a few court cases they lost). They are full of s***. These people like their success.

Similarly, you have that proponent of “schizophrenia has a pathogenic cause” E. Fuller Torrey, formerly of St. Elizabeth’s in DC, another hotbed for illegal human experimentation, stating that Jared Lee Loughner is a classic schizophrenic without mentioning the possible cause (and the potential that it was not accidentally introduced).

This means you really cannot believe all you read. Not even in the “good” papers. Not where CIA’s favorite research is concerned.

The question, of course, getting back to the point, is, why distract the Secret Service? If I have to explain that one, we really are doomed.

I’ll say it again: there has been a coup, folks. Neocons are running the show and those bastards are just so damn insane.

So, watch the train wreck in slow-mo helplessly as Congress behaves like they are doing something other than murdering the human race. There is no getting through to those greedy cowardly f***s. They are demanding the head of the head of the Secret Service but never bothered to go after, for example, George Tenet’s or Buzzy Krongard’s for the biggest intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor (though again, when the likes of Halliburton and Blackwater get no-bid contracts, it’s not a failure for the likes of Cheney and Prince). Seems to me that W missed 9-11 and that’s a bit of a bigger deal than trying to paint Secret Service as being anywhere near as misogynist as the GOP and its leader Rush Limbaugh. Yet, Bush got a pass from these same criminals.


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