An Important Reminder (Updated)


A couple of important things to know. I’ve mentioned them before, but this is always a good one to remind folks of because it comes up frequently in conversation, is a natural thing for people to wonder, assume.

I tried several times to end this… war?… peaceably. Each and every time I was not only refused, but it seemed as though my opponent(s) considered that a sign of weakness and only increased the harassment, the torture. “Normal” human reason does not apply. They have no mercy, no decency, no moral qualms with what they do. They are, from what I can tell, like Shakespeare’s King Richard III now so far in villainy that there is no point, they believe, in turning back.

They only care about the profits. They are together a thing, not human, not a community. They are like a corporation whose only goal is to maximize the profit margin and take any and all damage they do as acceptable losses (especially since it’s not their losses anyway, merely that of actual humans, the poor, the middle class, women, etc.).

I believe the rationalizations for their actions are a smokescreen for greed (that only benefits a few and will ultimately be self-defeating because it prevents dealing with our real problems on a longterm basis; sure, if you cut the population of the world in half through war and other manmade disasters, you might be dealing a blow to climate change but only temporarily and look at the moral implications) and a destructive form of religious zealotry (the Muslim holocaust which, like the Jewish one, also will include intellectuals because they question and “know too much”, LGBTs because they make another easy target that can by heretical selective use of their religious texts be “backed” by what they claim is the word of God—as Hitler did, and foreigners and minorities likewise because there has to be a racial element in order to make xenophobia work as a tool of control and force).

So, if you think I “asked” for this, if you believe that I did something to deserve it, you are wrong. You have it backwards. I did not start this. I wanted to be an actor in 1989 when I went to the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, not a labrat. I wanted to be a writer when I started on The Wisp and We Were the Freedom Federation, a right granted me by our founding document to free speech, not a targeted individual of an intelligence community that is so large it has to invent enemies in order to maintain itself, to grow larger.

(Just as Stanley Milton Glickman just wanted to be an artist).

There apparently can be no amicable solution to this dispute because my each and every attempt to do so was refused. I have no choice but to fight back or perish.

Similarly, the majority of the history you see outlaid here are things I learned after this started. My vague recollection of MK/ULTRA before all of this was what I barely remember from an episode of Sixty Minutes probably in the late 1970s: the CIA slipped LSD to prostitutes and their johns (the implication being, who cares about those sinners?). But it was so much more as the Senate hearings, the documents, the rest of the history has revealed. The replacement of the Red Scare with Islamophobia is, when you look at it objectively, simply a group of people profiting off of fear, a basic human emotion, that they not only exploited but also increased in various ways. It is a pattern of providing both the disease and the cure like an unethical doctor benefiting from his patients’ illnesses, which he secretly caused.

So, when I say that I just don’t have a choice, it’s about more than brain chemistry, it’s because I am boxed in with no other acceptable way out other than to fight. Where the brain chemistry comes in is my refusal to join them, to become what they want: someone other than me. They want an unquestioningly obedient, straight-pretending, megachurch-going, ignorer of their acts of murder for money and power.

That just isn’t going to happen.


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