The Fauxpocalypse Will Be Televised


A new entry in the Clarke’s First Law and potential for abuse by the absolute corrupt category:

SCIFI – Scientists use lasers to control lightning

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The idea is very, very old. Friar Laurence in Romeo & Juliet plays god knowingly, deciding that he knows how things are supposed to unfold in order to bring about peace.

As I’ve noted, I believe that the Quakers probably were the ones who made Nathan Hale’s body disappear and, wouldn’t it be funny if they followed that up by using a doppelgänger (that’s spy talk for using a person who resembles another for various potential purposes) to convince Washington that God was on his side (and that maybe he should reconsider that whole deist thing and just come on over to Jesus). Washington gave orders (admittedly not that unusual at the time) that he should not be buried for three days after his apparent death. (Zombie Washington, no!!!). Critics of the first president have intimated that he thought that he himself was the Second Coming. I dispute that. This was one of the things that formed the basis for The Wisp.

So, why not? You’ve got Seymour Hersh’s story about radical Catholic top brass taking over the government and the 1980’s New York Times story of CIA recruiting Mormons in large numbers. Why not, for the “good” of the country, convince the masses that God wants things the way that certain old religious institutions and Wall Street want them? It’s right out of Marx.

Well, because it’s stands in the way of freedom for one. The genius of our founding document was that it tolerates differing opinions. Trickery for religious and financial power strikes me as the opposite of what the justification for it would seem to be. We have some serious man v nature issues to deal with, so continuing to dwell and profit off of the man v man stuff (that is, perpetual war) is really a man v himself issue.

In any case, provided you aren’t too close to wherever these ops are carried out, it should be quite entertaining once the Fauxpocalypse gets rolling. If you aren’t yet convinced such a large operation could be carried out, you should see the details on Pont-St.Esprit.

Assassination by lightning. Doesn’t get much more biblical than that.


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