Insolent Retinue

Not only, sir, this your all-licensed fool,
But other of your insolent retinue
Do hourly carp and quarrel; breaking forth
In rank and not-to-be endured riots.

And so the bulls*** narrative continues to do damage, distract, and (once the Wall Street, war machine, and big oil whores in Congress get done) lowering of budget of the President’s bodyguards. There can, like the lies of Goneril and Regan in King Lear, stripping the king of his 100 knights, be only one motive for that.

It’s still early and the answer as to whether minors are involved in the scandal may turn out to be no, but it looks like CIA and DOD are leading Congress by the nose to remove presidential protections.

See again the tale of experimentation on three New Jersey Shakespeare Festival interns and the political assassination of WMD inspector and expert, critic of the invasion of Iraq, Scott Ritter (click the tags).

Then read the cover of the 1977 Senate hearing until it sinks into your heads: “THE CIA’S PROGRAM IN RESEARCH IN BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION.”

Dick Cheney’s military/political coup is taking a turn for the worse.


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