The Dog Race


I promised myself I would try to stay away from it. It is of course impossible.

The presidential race has taken a recent turn about Romney’s alleged treatment of his dog. He allegedly kept the thing on top of his car for the entire trip from Boston to Canada. As a result, the dog became quite ill and the vulture capitalist’s solution was to hose down the car and the dog and continue the journey in exactly the same way.

Contrast that with Barney, who apparently gets to ride inside the Presidential limo.

Of course, the treatment of a dog, while it concerns me and proves that Bill Maher has gotten yet another thing wrong * (he is pushing the silly notion that Romney is boring…that’s just his TV face), I worry more about someone who would support and be connected with torture of American teenagers. Sure, they continue to defy the fashion police and wear baggy and or hilariously low-riding jeans, but that’s no excuse for this kind of treatment.

Not funny, I know, except in a “mainstream media sucks so bad it’s tragically hilarious” kind of way. This was not an anomaly nor was it an accident. This is right out of the “How do we brainwash people into being good little nazis?” playbook when it actually was German scientists attempting just that on Jewish prisoners (typically using mescaline as opposed to Ewan Cameron, DOD, and CIA using electrodes in the 1950s). The difference in this case of course is that it’s conservatives, xenophobes, and remorseless soldiers they are trying to manufacture. Operation Paperclip: it’s effects are still being felt today.

And of course the GOP plays apologist for the CIA torture program. It makes us less safe by virtue of the bad press it provides and they know it. So many are draft dodger types that they also know it will be someone else’s kids paying the price, so who cares? It makes more money, this warfare, for a few people and that is all that they care about.

* He also played lefty apologist for Rush Limbaugh’s and the GOP’s war on women. I understand that Romney’s current strategy is to turn that into a positive and court the misogynists. Aren’t they a non-cynical bunch, the modern Teapublitarian party?


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