Anger Mismanagement


I have largely focused on the things I can more easily explain, those things that have either been covered in previous Congressional and Senate hearings, appear in FOIA request responses, have appeared in news articles (often because the related research was published in some scientific journal that most people cannot and / or will not read), or following the leads to patents.

There are a few I don’t have an exact explanation for. Invoking anger (and other emotions) in the target is one of them.

Examples which I believe apply:

Former boss, who as I have stated often, I knew for eighteen years, was one of the most even-keeled, reasonable people I’ve ever known, suddenly shaking mad and looking for a reason to be angry (and of course choosing my mere presence, the result I believe of that anger being directed via voice-to-skull or similar tech). They certainly laid enough reasons, the mentally ill woman, the hacking of his computer from a Ford Motor Co. server in Deerborn, Michigan, etc.

But the anger… Was it a drug? A chemical? Simply another form of hypnosis via V2K? Don’t know. Which makes this all the more interesting. Many of the other things being laid out in old documents almost made it seem initially like a frame-up (still not entirely impossible, but I’m convinced there are more guilty parties than innocent ones in this whole kerfluffle and CIA is certainly one of the former. You should hear some of the other phony narratives these f***ers have tried to push…).

Examples from the news: Rush Limbaugh’s girlfriend on New Year’s ’09/’10 in Chicago punching a police officer. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers incident at the air port in November of 2007. Members of the Tea Party shouting incoherently at town hall meetings (which were so over-the-top that some media were convinced that they were paid to so so; no such connection was ever found. If it’s “normal”, why is it largely a recent phenomenon, increasing in size and intensity?). And of course any number of gun-toting Manchurian candidate candidates like Loughner, the three or more former military people who planned attacks, etc.

Ex-partner urging me to take violent action against someone I thought at the time responsible (but is merely another victim and witness). This was their favorite phony narrative, which as I already covered resulted in the short story “Ground Control”.

Then there was the incident just a week before I left Minnesota. At the grocery store, calling to the roommate, the on duty cop suddenly thinks that repeating, “What?!! What?!! What?!!” over and over while tugging on his sidearm is funny for some reason.

(Almost this exact same thing happened previous to two co-workers in the field when they knocked on the door of a man who carried a pistol in a holster. Even the repeated “What?!?”).

But that time it was me who got angry. That was the part I may have left out or failed to cover adequately. I wanted to punch him right in the face. What would have been the result of that? What was the reasoning?

Instead, of course, I pushed my smarta** reply as close to the edge as I dare pointing at the roommate, and when he was looking away, slipped out of the store.

As I walked down the street, I cursed him to blow off steam.

This was clearly a usage that could be construed as an assassination attempt. Imagine how many goddam decades it will take for Congress to figure out that it exists, how it works, and finally how to regulate it (by then they won’t be able to, they will be complete puppets requiring no kickbacks at all which will, I suppose, be the poetic justice for their shortsightedness, greed and rampant stupidity).

(Sidenote: I mention again for those who may have missed it, MPD was asking anyone who got arrested if they believed it was possible to project voices inside someone else’s head and the follow-up, whether or not they believed someone was doing that to them. The way I wound up learning about that was a four member brawl, one member of which was Heathcliff, though he managed to escape arrest for that, lost his keys and phone during the scuffle and got arrested for breaking into his own residence. Arrested for breaking into his own home. Does that, as perhaps a headline, remind you of anything? Heathcliff and another jailed personage discussed these strange additional questions to the intake at the jail when they bumped into each other “randomly”).

Additionally, and this was during the 11-Pure Euphoria phase, so I don’t even know if when I wrote about this previously if it was coherent (need to reread a lot that is on here), I saw a group of several officers and security guards kicking a young man on the ground and then a block away another young man—not your typical homeless type, well dressed, etc.—cursing for no apparent reason at nothing in particular. He appeared to be angry for being angry’s sake. I recall the euphoria because I was in an almost surreal way, largely unconcerned and tried to calm the second fellow down, resulting in him cursing at me and calling me crazy.

So, what is it? I lean toward some kind of electronics employed remotely, but like Pont-St. Esprit, mass or selective drugging is not out of the question.

It makes you reconsider the Arab Spring as well, but I have trouble seeing the angle there unless it’s just neocon Michael Ledeen’s boiling cauldron.



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