More On That Phony Narrative (Updated)


The one that, as I’ve already written a few times, resulted in the short story “Ground Control.” The use of high-tech for personal gain and power by our entirely out of control and unsupervised intelligence community. Think of them as the terrorist arm of Wall Street. It’s apt.

So. We have that brainwashing regarding that non-existent person (click the 12-Dependence on Someone Else tag for more info).

The Squidgate story included that there was a mysterious passenger in the car with Peter. This person was, according to Pete’s blog (and this was confirmed at the trial) handcuffed in the cold for six hours or so while DHS tried to figure out what the f*** it was doing.

Further, it came to my attention that my former frenemy from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival had been involved in a production of The Laramie Project.

Got that so far? The person that CIA and DOD tried to ridiculously pin all of these crazy events on seemed to be almost mocking me by having the incredible planning and foresight to do that show before the incident on the Blue Water Bridge (further, there would obviously be some anger toward a border guard over the mistreatment of the mysterious passenger on the bridge, but that didn’t go far either).

The phony narrative: the person in the car, the person handcuffed to the railing for six hours in the cold, had to be the person I was brainwashed over, dependent on. It was just so Hollywood.

Of course that turned out to be wrong. The passenger was someone else, a student of the man Peter helped to move or similar.

Next, there was Kate Conway’s fire. On a particular social networking site dedicated to music, I found that someone had left the Internet persona I suspected to be my old friend from the NJSF a message. It was timestamped approximately two hours after Kate’s fire on December 23, 2009. It said something like the innocuous, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” but was odd because the associated account has been deleted, and of course the timing of it. (I copied and pasted the text of the message at Pete’s blog along with a comment about “Phoebe” [F-B-I] being more concerned about the plot to Sex in the City 2, a recent Onion article reference, than actually solving a goddam crime).

Let’s recall again: drugged, frequent target of voice-to-skull to direct my addled brain to false conclusions that they desired.

So, it appeared that my old friend was a mastermind, had somehow orchestrated all of this. Additionally, it’s the kind of thing you want to believe because if it’s just one person, then it can be resolved. Potential for a happy ending.

That’s wishful thinking, magical thinking. The truth is that near absolute power has unsurprisingly resulted in near absolute corruption in the intel community and military complex. These other explanations are bulls***.

How is that not attempting to create terrorism on American soil? For profit and to remove a witness or witnesses for the very methods being used to do so.

It’s a very simple equation: if you have two problems, try to get them to somehow cancel each other out.

Have the ex suggest it (maybe he’ll take you back afterward, though how that would work from prison even the drug-delirium and V2K could not explain). Have the other problem’s voice deliver via V2K such messages as (with regards to that non-existent person I was dependent on), “He’s not coming,” because you thought he definitely was. Repeatedly. Have this computer-generated fake voice harass you repeatedly other ways as well.

This is what it is. Some dips***s who still think they can weasel out of the end of a rope. Because this operation is bigger, has to be given the attention given in trying to contain the witnesses, and that must be because they are attempting rebellion, insurrection via proxy.

They still hang traitors, don’t they?


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