Patents of Interest (Updated)

(Added 1999 article link about holograms intended to be used for warfare).

Have added a new category of links at right, Patents of Interest.

Also added the tag for each to some posts where they seem relevant.

The first is the basis for voice-to-skull, the Frey effect, the radio wave hearing effect, or the radio wave auditory effect. It is owned by the US Government and held by the Secretary of the US Air Force. I believe it’s now largely microwaves, as they are tighter and easier to direct and get through solid objects without striking unintended targets. The microwave hearing effect is also out there on the web, though expect to wade through much disinformation to get to anything useful from a Google search.

The second is SONY’s attempt to make a wireless gaming system that provides virtual reality by projecting sensory data (the five senses) directly onto the cerebral cortex. That has many other uses, such as causing hallucinations. This was one of the things discussed prior to the invasion of Iraq as a potential Shock-and-Awe use: projecting a giant visage of God or similar to cause mass surrender in the enemy. Of course, it was probably decided that bombs and bullets make for better profits than some electrial usage of toys so it wasn’t so far as I know projected. (“When Seeing Isn’t Believing,” link at right, section “Allah on the Holodeck”).

Also of note, the seven or so interruptions while I was doing this. I really wonder at the intelligence of people who think doing the same s*** over and over and expecting a different result. You have had ample opportunity to seek a peaceful resolution to this with me and have refused. This just pisses me off. The last nine months have been hell. F*** you.


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