Additional Reason for Infighting

From Credibility Reviews, a delay in replying to a FOIA request from the US Secret Service. In essence, they say that they have to check with the other affected parties (the intelligence community and military) before responding.

I note again that the previous administration tried to reclassify documents going back a long, long way. I also re-note that NSA in 2007 wrote what I believe to be a bogus report stating that the inciting incident that lead to the Vietnam War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, was real and not as commonly accepted a false-flag attack (or simply no attack at all).

Further, we are back again at that date: December 8, 2009. That is when the Open Government Directive was issued. It would be the opposite, wouldn’t it, for the most part of what the previous administration was doing. People who enjoy things like running around creating chaos for profit would resist, balk, rebel.

And so this non-denial denial we see from Secret Service would seem to be some kind of confirmation. It’s saying, “We can’t answer you until we check with others that have the stuff that we are in no way stating exists,” instead of towing the lie line and saying simply that it doesn’t exist at all.

This stuff has to be shut down, folks. Then regulated. It’s dangerous in so many ways and serves no good purpose but to interfere with democracy and the serious work that actually needs to be done to deal with our problems.


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