More Known Unknowns


There was another day I became angry for no apparent reason (I have many reasons to be angry, mind you, but that fact didn’t change from the days previous). The voice-to-skull said (or showed?) to go to the park nearby.

I sighed. “More bulls***,” I thought.

Now! it said.

As I headed in that direction, down the hall toward the back door, I found myself mere steps behind my former next door neighbor (I had moved from the one bedroom that was apartment 13 to a two bedroom that was apartment 1 after the fatal shooting in front of Heathcliff’s old place and we moved in together).

As the neighbor headed in the general direction that I would take to go to the park, he stopped behind a shed and started hitting himself in the head with his fist. Not kidding, that’s what he did.

He was surprised and embarrassed to see me standing there watching his private inner turmoil boil over into self abuse, but in true Minnesota style, recovered quickly. We discussed his perceived problem (marital in nature) and I provided some advice. No idea if he took it.

The important bit is that he and I both were exceedingly angry at exactly the same time and that V2K had instructed me to witness that. Hence the possibility that this stuff is in satellites or otherwise some kind of ranged electronic device.

Not many days after that happened, it suggested the park again. Repeat the sigh.

This time there was a small U-Haul trailer attached to a jeep at the curb along the park. The U-Haul had Tennessee on it (they typically have a state on them or some other theme like a park) and the jeep’s passenger door (the driver’s side was facing the street) was open. Seemed to be a suggestion to go visit or live with my parents, but why not just f***ing say that? Don’t know.

I thought no way, no way I’m going to do that. Options cut off (such as getting a shortterm loan due to my credit score not being available, have proof of that), things going incredibly and dangerously sour with Heath, by November that’s exactly what I did. The events were probably Summer of ’11, so three or four months before it was necessary.

So, let’s recap. The American intelligence community, for no good reason at all, utterly destroyed my life, has done untold damage to my health both physical and mental, serious PTSD emotional damage, killed my dog (and perhaps my grandmother as well), ruined any chances for using my retirement from decades of work for what it was supposed to be used for, separated me from my friends, ruined my reputation in every conceivable social and working circle, destroyed my longterm relationship, harmed many other people (and animals) in the effort to drive me to suicide or violence, and more…

And their “solutions” are to either go live with my parents in a state that has gay bullying laws (yes, it’s legal now from what I understand to fire someone for being gay in Tennessee). My father’s favorite shows are the ones that depict the very people ripping us all off and creating homegrown terrorism as heroes. It’s enough to make you puke.

Or just go back to working full time in Kentucky with my ex-wife’s husband (who says the best time of his life was working for a defense contractor) and they both go to a megachurch who thinks all of our problems stem from sex sins (they ignore the ones related to mammon; it’s a megachurch, it’s all about worshipping personal wealth and supporting things like war and the evangelical music industry). And Kentucky is not far behind Tennessee on reversing human rights. Attempts to pass an anti-bullying law after three teen suicides were met with the Orwellian, “Let’s protect all students.”

Those are their “solutions.” This is the state of the union. The American Taliban is here and has gone mainstream. NDAA is an excuse for Romney-run concentration camps. Not maybe…is.

So, I’ll say it again. Didn’t ask for this. Didn’t do a single thing to deserve it. Not going to compromise with terrorists and psychopaths.


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