A More Recent V2K Experience


Think this was last Friday or Saturday.

Was leaving the place I grabbed a bite to eat which is very near the place I am currently residing. As I walked for the door…

Don’t go in yet.

“What now?”

Just wait.

A minute or so later, I heard sirens in the distance. A minute or so after that, a pair of fire trucks arrived at the corner where I was standing. They made the turn and drove two blocks. One turned on the street where my rental car was parked.

“Great. I suppose it’s on fire…”

But that wasn’t it (and that is something to consider if there are any holding the theory that this is somehow about ESP). They stopped at the corner. I walked over, saw a police car or two and an ambulance. They got a stretcher out. Soon after they were attempting to resuscitate an older man.

Now, I don’t at all know why they did this one. Was this a further attempt, like the nonsense on the plane after visiting my grandmother on her deathbed, to provoke a panic response? Is it instead to trouble someone else? Don’t know. Merely that the repeated prompts to write this up annoy me, so here it is.

Like all that other stuff, I could come up with at least two counter-arguments against it being voice-to-skull:

First, I unconsciously heard the sirens far off and immediately unconsciously concocted the whole thing. The problem with that hypothesis is that I had no idea that the trucks were coming to the street I was standing on.

Second, maybe it was just waiting for anything to happen (if the event had been innocuous, I would not have noted it?). The problem with that one, it’s not often that this kind of V2K thing occurs.

In any case, what I described above is what and basically how it happened (the timing was close between the message and hearing the sirens, just not sure how close). So, I must reject the two alternate hypotheses above.

But since I’m playing both witness and detective, it’s a problem as well. But on the third hand (heh), you can witness something and the third party who was not present for it, the “detective”, as I’ve already labelled them, would not believe the witness because of his own prejudices against this kind of thing happening compared with the prevalence of mental illness. It is both easier and more comforting to believe the latter and those are difficult things to overcome.

Me, I’m back at it being the only way to adequately explain my experiences. And kinda no longer giving a s*** if I’m believed or not. When the stormtroopers and pilotless drones come goose-stepping and soaring over the border, it’ll suddenly be obvious.

And tragically-hilariously too late.


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