Held Hostage


Yes that is what it’s like. The use of voice-to-skull on others is like being stuck in a really bad ventriloquist show. It’s not very funny (usually) and watching them do it over and over has really killed the novelty of it.

It’s like CIA is a balding, fat, alcoholic ventriloquist with halitosis who just doesn’t get that the audience (me) just isn’t that into it. Doing it over and over as if to say, “Do you get it yet? It’s fuuunnny…” (drool) when it’s just a sad side show from a dying, well-past-it’s-usefulness, bureaucracy.

It’s like Dick Cheney and his JSOC pals are saying, “Look what I can do! I can make anyone say anything at any time! Bwahahahaha!!! Are you scared yet?!?” Which only makes them sad carnies with over estimations of their importance, with delusions of grandeur, running the worst haunted house ever.

“You’re joke shop spies, gentlemen.”

And again, “Our asylums are full of people who think that they’re Napoleon. Or God.” *

* Though I understand that due to cutbacks, most of those people have been released and are on the streets. Hurrah for vulture capitalism and economic Darwinism.


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