Could Go Any Which Way


Yet another voice-to-skull drama masquerading as remote viewing or remote listening.

This bulls*** tactic is a favorite of theirs. Even if you reject its content, it still has gotten into your head and you have to spend time and energy actively negating it. It is like hijacking your thought process.

I haven’t even gotten to what they had hoped would happen at that convention weekend before last. It was hilarious let me tell you. That they actually believed they pulled it off is what is funny. As if I hadn’t learned already that these people are scum. And clearly cannot read minds.

So. Page one of my agreement with an attorney. I have it all in PDF. No more details than that, but I still haven’t heard back from my meeting (which is due, I assume, to the delaying in my check being cleared. Should have paid cash, I guess, but the paper trail is part of the point).

However, today I am actually having inexplicable credit card problems. Can’t access money means you can’t afford to stay but you also can’t afford to leave. Not sure what the game plan is. I assume it’s just to continually raise my stress level and hoping that their God of Money will actually grant their prayers of giving me cancer or whatever ending they would find satisfying. (Covered that on Twitter this morning. Random stranger comes up and tells me his father has pancreatic cancer. “That’s the one where you can’t digest, right?” Implying that is what’s responsible for the poisonings I experienced in Kentucky).

Yes. This is the country that many of you live in. Here’s yesterday’s microwave delivered V2K fiction:

“Go get him, Bob.”

“And do what?!?”

“Get him and bring him home.”

And so the phony narrative today is that some retired spook is arranging this credit card trouble to get me back “home.” Home, where I can’t even go out to eat without getting poisoned. Home, where it’s now legal in some places to fire someone over their sexuality. Home, where arson is legal or at least unpunishable. Home, where the only thing either of our failed political parties actually cares about for the most part is keeping the cash rolling in, despite full knowledge that this idiotic game they are playing is fixed and change is therefore impossible except for one cosmetic step forward, ten actual back. Home, where whistleblowers not only get no protection (despite it being clear under the law that they are afforded them) but get harassed and destroyed. Home, where Dick Cheney and his band of dinosaurs march ever onward toward preserving what they think of as “the American way” by killing everyone else. Land of the consumer zombie and the home of the cowards and crooks. Home, where yet more harassment of innocent people goes unpunished and uninvestigated. Over and over. Land of the s*** and shoved in it.

At least if Romney gets elected, we can get on with the Fourth Reich stuff, have all that bloodshed, etc. ending as these things always do, and these same people can (as usual, facing no consequences for their actions whatsoever) get on with planning the Fifth Reich.

That is, if the coming wars actually leave Earth a livable environment. That is anyone’s guess.

(Update: Hotelier is allowing me to stay one night on spec.)


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