That Which Did Not Occur


Right. So. Went to a SciFi convention in the area weekend before last. As previously noted, this followed a four month visit with the parents, three weeks with my son, and a week with friends in Michigan.

Those folks are still being plagued by organized stalking events including the patron Army veteran spending the last year dealing with a co-employee who he only found out after the kid quit had spent most of his time there plotting to get the vet fired. This is that same family of the juror in the Squidgate trial. Their dog went missing just before I left. As far as I know, they still haven’t found him.

I will let you in on something, even though I have not yet parsed all of it and therefore it’s early yet for me to be writing about it. They were targeted before the trial as well. I am not clear on why yet, merely that it’s damn strange that he was stationed in Alaska at the same place as my father.

The key to knowing it started at least as early as 2008 is that their son was run over by an SUV in much the same way as my son was in 2004. Very, very similar stories except my son was on his bike, theirs was on foot. In both cases, another young man was driving and didn’t even realize what happened. That was of course because his head was being mucked with remotely. The driver in my son’s case also hit several dogs. These were either dry runs / tests or an effort to explain the strangeness of the timing as though the kid was simply prone to this sort of thing, or more likely both. When they plan these kinds of things, there are always more than one wrapper, more than one way to explain it off to avoid being hit with charges of illegal activities.

The weirdness, and I’ve already mentioned this on the blog, was that I was engaged in an online debate with some other people over some issue at a military / religious school that had made the news. I would point you to where that was, but that and a lot of other discussions were wiped away in a hacking in 2005. FBI investigated and decided it was a disgruntled former employee. I believe that that and the use of V2K could both be true.

There was the one about Plamegate where I pointed out that Robert Novak’s column came two weeks after his being told. That meant that the several others who broke the law by disclosing Valerie Plame’s status were still in legal jeopardy because it was not at that point public knowledge. Not until publication. But of course, as was pointed out to Bradley Manning, this is not how the world works. How it works is criminality is rewarded, even when it is treasonous. Or maybe that is especially when it’s treasonous.

Then there was that obscure news article that showed that Halliburton was doing business with Iraq during Dick Cheney’s tenure as VP. That would have been, for anyone else, illegal. Just like hanging onto his stock in “blind trust”, claiming Executive privilege while also claiming to be part of the Legislative branch while actually being neither in protecting his energy meeting notes *, etc.

Also how his failure to perform due diligence during an acquisition resulted in Halliburton being stuck with millions in asbestos liability. And how that in itself was a financial motive for getting Halliburton those no-bid contracts in Iraq and elsewhere.

Then there was the one about “one time at President Camp” that W suggested forcing pharmaceuticals for anyone the government deemed “mentally ill.” That is about as close to a smoking gun for the whole damn project that I can think of. This “mistake” was covered by NPR and others. In fact, I think the NPR link is on this blog.

And news articles about that phony end-of-the-world climate change Pentagon report that got “leaked.” Denmark is supposed to be underwater right now. It isn’t. Hence the word phony. It’s purpose? To justify taking everything there is to take from anyone and everyone, abroad and at home.

(I remind you again: the human testing at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival I witnessed was in 1989 and 1990. This was after that. Also, my little authoritarian cowards, there’s the First Amendment.)

But back to the messageboard that is no more, the phony narrative was that “God” was punishing me for questioning the robotic behavior of students at a private school (I no longer remember the details, merely that it was scary Orwellian lying coming from the schoolmasters and at that time that was not as common occurrence everywhere as it is now) by trying to kill my son.

Suddenly there was an emergency. Right in the middle of this online debate about divinity and authority. I had to fly to Indiana because my son was in the hospital having been run over.

He was well taken care of, and in fact this happened at a time when the Indy 500 doctors were around but not busy, so he got some expertise where broken bones are concerned. (If you happen to be one of those, “At least he’s alive” people, ask yourself then why in the first place?).

“God’s punishment…”

Just like the phony narrative I detailed in “Ground Control” pitting me against an old acquaintance.

The lies of which so closely resembles two books I’ve read recently that it is laughable…I mean I even once accused S**** of being NSA, didn’t I? Right out of S**** B*****’s thriller novel. The other being C******’s, though that’s more in terms of the psych profile for the man. It’s wrong. That’s just how it might appear when they pound his head with crap like they have been trying to do to me. He’a got issues (who doesn’t?) but he’s not those characters, N*** and T******.

And then there was that they had half convinced K*** that he was The Devil.

But after the NJSF, especially the weird “voodoo” event, well, I could not explain that one. Still can’t completely (either hypnosis or something electronic that I have yet to identity). So, what did I do? I took the plunge. Became a Christian. Even taught Sunday school for a while.

But it became plain that politics were intruding and that that was going to continue. Additionally, despite being at a “progressive” church, there was still a great deal of hesitance of acceptance of gays. They were there, but there were additional requirements that non-gays were not subject to.

So I left. I forgot all about the NJSF. Time passed. Got into a longterm relationship with my college sweetheart. We worked. We built a life. We bought a condo.

And it wasn’t until all of that came crashing down in the space of three months that I started recalling the NJSF. Recalling what happened to K*** M***** and how she had been so desperate that she contacted the FBI and White House to put an end to what she didn’t even know had a name: organized stalking. This was before the Internet. Where could she have turned?

But since then I have learned a lot. I’ve learned how time and time again the CIA has defied presidents and yet never been held accountable for that. I learned that, perhaps as a result of K***’s letters and maybe other people like her, President Clinton made a public apology to the victims of MK/ULTRA and refused to meet with James Woolsey and instead used a subcontractor, because clearly he knew he could not trust the CIA. That W and Cheney would take that act of using someone he could trust and turn it into a nightmarish secret police industry sucking up any and all tax dollars does not strike me as being Clinton’s fault.

All of that just to get back to explaining the weekend before last…

The phony narrative…I can’t recall exactly when it started…probably February of this year…was that, once again, that nameless person would be there. They included phony sound bites. They tried to pervert the meaning, to cherrypick whatever they could from wherever they could. For example, there was some good advice on what not to do when one is exiting the US for Canada and is planning on marrying a Canadian. The Canadian government can stop you if you so much as tell them that is your plan.

That, plus phony remote viewings of conversations like:

“I think you should come to [the convention] this year.”

“You mean—?”

“Yep. Gotta go. Bye.”

This was of course prepped for many weeks with other similar phony snippets. I’m not even sure what some of them were supposed to mean. It was obvious though, they just wanted really, really badly to make me think that this non-person exists and was just waiting for me to show up and pop the question.

Like I said before, I’m not entirely clear as to who or what I actually saw that day in the store. That someone was there, no doubt. Whether it was a mask (a young man flew on an airline and it was only on arrival that anyone noticed that his face, a mask of him as in his sixties, was fake… They have improved those kinds of things) or it was more electronic chicanery is the only question. He too closely resembled someone I knew and loved years before for it to have been true.

It was what I wanted to believe. I wanted to because it meant there was some kind of hope for a future. Maybe there still is, mind you, but there is no way to make up for what has happened to me. I will never be the same. They have taken years off of my life, those are gone. They have probably also killed the best part of me in the process (I mean did the world really need another a**hole? Seems to me we have plenty of those).

But I knew better. I made the attorney appointment first thing when I got into town. He couldn’t see me until the 19th. I had hoped to have started that conversation before the weekend but it didn’t work out that way.

What they wanted was the same thing they have tried time and time again and failed: some kind of crazy scene, some violent outburst, something that would show they were right all along, that beating on someone until they become violent means that they were violent all along.

But they failed. Again

I trust the reasons why Randy Quaid made his way to Canada are now clearer. The Pentagon and CIA were trying to reign in Hollywood by any means necessary.

(Sidenote: By the way, the weekend was a lot of fun. I’ll just point out one rather strange example of weirdness. At the “Military Structure in Science Fiction Panel” {would you think I would miss that one?}, the last words from one panelist were, “I’m thinking that somehow military structure and zombies are related, but I’m not sure how.” When I had the chance a few days later to ask him what he meant over a beer after he gave me his card at the end of the convention, he said, “I don’t know.” There was a lot of that. Being the only one laughing as such statements probably does not do much to improve one’s image as sane. The suggestion that one panelist gave that werecoyotes should replace werewolves, for example, was another.)

Oh, and just to prove my point further, I took the chance a some time ago: I prayed. No answer means there isn’t anyone listening.

That’s right, these religious zealots, these fascists who more than anything wanted to see me on my knees begging God for mercy, to trick me into some form of submission as they did in 1990…they are the ones who proved it to me: He’s just not there.

* Actually, now I think about it, don’t think I did mention on EZBoard how Cheney tried to be president of the US and president pro tempore of the Senate at the same time for weasel-legal purposes. Should have, but don’t think I did.


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