False Alarms


This is the place where after passing it last night and taking a look at the dejeuner menu, decided I would definitely have breakfast this morning.

Here is what greeted me for breakfast as I made my way to the place.

I mention this because I recall, right around the time of Squidgate, that some British author who lives in North America complained either on his blog or Twitter that at least twice (might have been three times) he found himself standing outside in the middle of the night because someone pulled the fire alarm at the hotels in which he stayed while traveling abroad. I think he also had public events the next day. Nothing like sleep deprivation to make those pleasurable, I’m sure.

In this case today I didn’t really figure out exactly which building it was that brought four fire trucks and the local FD supervisor to my breakfast block. The fourth truck passed me/pulled up just as I was about reaching the door of the place. It was obvious, however, that there was no actual fire. Did hear an alarm (or was it two?) but it echoed so much it was tough identifying the source building.

Just sayin’.


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