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So. Montreal.

Popped into the offices of advocat Stein & Stein Inc. today to see if I could set up a meeting. Got a business card and was told to give a call to the attorney on it.

First, I sent him an email summary of where things stand. Explained that I chose to contact them due to this article (originally published on October 17, 2004 in the London Sunday Times, behind a paywall here). Explained in the simplest terms what had occurred (from being a witness and test subject in 1989 and 1990, to the harassment and worse from 2009 up to today). Also explained how and why this is possible, from Ike’s warning to the formation of the secret police AKA “Top Secret America”, how it is actually far too large to justify its existence and it therefore creating problems on the one hand in order to sort of solve them on the other.

Then I immediately followed up with a phone call. Don’t think I’ve ever had anyone so desirous to get off of the phone with me that quiickly. At least not in decades.

But that is sort of what I expected. It’s a long haul from 2004 to 2012. I’m quite certain that CIA and DOD put the fear of god into those people for daring to say through their actions that the work that the first president of the World Psychiatric Association, Ewan Cameron, conducted should in any way be considered illegal or unethical. No, connecting electrodes to a nineteen year old honors student, reducing her to sucking her thumb should somehow be considered a feather in Uncle Sam’s cap.

As should these other illegal activities, such as torture, extraordinary rendition, the persecution of many whistleblowers, assassination of experts in various fields that they find sensitive, etc. Before the nuclear scientists in Iran were killed, there were several Western WMD experts and people like Chris Hatcher, which I covered earlier this month.

And then there’s immense funding from DOD and CIA to universities all over looking for better ways to control minds, influence behavior and decision making, and, of course, better ways to kill, sometimes in nearly untraceable ways.

I stopped there. It was all-in-all a pretty good email.

But then there’s also the attempts to control Hollywood, both from the control of writing in screenplays (as reported by Truthout and I linked to here) to “bad luck” such as Clooney’s on the set of Syriana and perhaps what lead to Wesley Snipes stopping paying his taxes during the Bush administration, and even assassination, such as in the cases of Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Ronni Chasen. This is for war economy propaganda.

So, while connecting with Stein & Stein may have failed, I still have my vacation photos of Cameron’s/CIA’s 1950s HQ and subsequent improvements:

Allan Memorial Insitute at McGill University Sign

Front Entrance – Old Building

Side of building on left and Hospital On right

Original building on left, newer wing center and right

Newer wing continued

Ambulance entrance

Ambulance entrance sign

Newer wing connects to Royal Victoria Hospital

Side of Royal Victoria Hospital

Front of Royal Victoria Hospital

Entrance to Royal Victoria Hospital

The horse’s mouth

Other side of Royal Victoria Hospital (taken about the time I think the facial recognition software did its job)

Rear view, Royal Victoria on left, Allan Memorial center

While I did not get run off, there was that hilariousness when a delivery truck parked at the loading dock did a big circle around the building and parked itself where I was standing at the front about to shoot some re-takes. Not as close as that truck in Brooklyn, but nevertheless intruding on personal space.

Additional photos:

Statue, “The Eye,” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art

And, the other night while heading toward the Beaudry stop on the Metro (that is the one with the highest concentration of gay bars) I saw a human on the train that is just about as close to looking like the dude in this Brom painting as is humanly possible (with an even more beautiful face…reminiscent of some young Conan stuff I’ve seen). He was even hanging onto the pole in a manner similar to in the pic. One would think I would close with something in French after seeing that beautiful creature, but all I can come up with for some reason is Je me souviens.


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