Treated Like a Dog


(Updated. See NEW paragraph below).

This is going to be a mishmash of stuff that’s been sitting on the backburner or just stuff I’ve been thinking about. Little of it profound, but to me at times interesting.

First, a must-read at Truth-Out from Tom’s Dispatch. Despite the title, it’s as much or more about the Bush administration and the neconservatives. It’s like the apocryphal scene in Nixon where RMN goes for a walk by himself to the Lincoln Memorial and tries to explain how the most powerful man in the world is powerless to stop the war machine. It even goes on to mention how they turned checks on executive power into an excuse to do any damn thing they wanted and how that is increasing—not incrementally—but more like a snowball turned into an avalanche. Democracy is either dying or already dead. That’s it.

Next, it would be easy to poke fun at genius comic writer Grant Morrison. He said two things in particular in a recent Playboy interview that have the comic scene tittering. First, that Batman is inherently a gay story (largely due to the presence of Robin). Even though the character is clearly straight, the subtext is not, is I think his point.

(Kinda off-topic, but I recommend his book We3).

What I found funny about the comment was that my initial reaction to Frank Miller’s Batman and Robin (a short-lived series that got cancelled, though they didn’t actually say that it was cancelled when the issues stopped coming) was that that version of Batman was so over-the-top macho that he just had to be gay. There was no way someone oozing that much testosterone could possibly relate to the opposite sex in any meaningful way. There was even a promotional poster with Batman in the batcave where Alfred could be seen standing behind him between his legs like a penis.

(Again, I admire Miller’s willingness to go so much further with things, even when I disagree with his premise or message. Same with 300… the more macho the Spartans behaved, the more gay they seemed to be to me.)

But that’s just the comic geek talking. The other thing that Morrison said that perhaps more closely relates has been laid at Alan Moore’s feet to an extent, or at least it brings up some of the same questions that Watchmen did with regards to power. Morrison said, more or less, that people becoming gods may be the answer to avoiding a future dystopia. That superheroes—in real life—may be a check on corporate and government power.

On the face of it, it sounds like that philosophy/religion that the author of The Last Temptation of Christ was pushing: we are all becoming gods.

I of course reject that. But then there’s transhumanism. Evolution.

In other words, the idea that becoming something more than human might mean that people could adapt to things like mind control and other forms of brainhacking, being duped, etc., be able to resist it. The problem, of course, is that it typically takes a very long time for nature to make such changes and then it only does so if it is necessary. But then, our ability to tinker with our nature must also be part of evolution. A robot that can make improvements to itself might be able to survive a faster changing environment.

Though, I would look to Watchmen for the answer to that as well: for every Nite Owl II there is a Comedian. Some will still side against their fellow humans/transhumans and serve the new pharaohs, our corporate masters.

So, it’s not a solution, probably more like yet another arms race, like predator and prey developing newer techniques to catch and evade each other, only much faster because it’s taking a shortcut through the laboratory instead of over generations.

Then I switch over to the obvious, the talk of the town: the student protests, lead by CLASSE and their chosen leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. It’s the same sort of story: devaluing of education because providing such to many people is less profitable in the short-term (but self-defeating in the long, which is why it’s so dangerous). The US equivalent is the attempt by the GOP to double the interest rates on student loans. I expect they will pull that off any day now. It’s a handout to the banks and a slap in the face of anyone who wants to improve their lot.

(NEW: An interesting sidenote: today’s paper mentioned how a black-masked woman broke a window and was chased—not by Montreal PD—but by the protesters. The police even thanked them for the assist. This woman was an agent provocateur, her purpose to turn public opinion against the students. You know, create a false narrative. Similar thing lead to the shooting at Kent State, where a single shot from a Federal agent of some sort started the panicked shootings that lead to the student deaths).

But see, folks, the game is fixed. That’s the point. That is both why I have been hammering these particular issues (collectively I refer to as brainhacking) and why I believe I am being targeted. It’s fixed. The idea that anyone could lead an effective movement against this stuff without dealing with it somehow directly is a pipe dream. It works. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not stand a chance today. Most of the people who have been affected directly, who would be the ones to band together are either very confused as to the nature of what it was that happened to them or are—I don’t want to say hopelessly, but that may be the case—insane, or both.

Finally, mere moments about fifteen minutes after posting the article link at top on Facebook and Twitter, ‘Gabe’ called. He apologized for the barrage of insults and finally answered my question about clinics in Canada complete with what it will cost. Amazing, no? I mean, it’s practically magical! (See title of previous post).

Another scrap for the dog so it doesn’t appear that they just wish he would crawl off some place and die. Poisoned four f***ing times in a month. Two or three f***ing ailments at the same goddam time (yes, on top of the upper respiratory there is now a head cold and pink eye, though the latter two may be the same thing I suppose). You call that some form of mercy? Is it just more coverup, or more opportunity for continuing torture because that is what psychos enjoy doing?

At any rate, it’s clear, and I mean f***ing crystal: everyone in this goddam situation thinks it’s best for them if I’m as miserable as possible. I cannot quite figure out why that is. Just so I’ll write stuff like this?

Selfish as s***, aren’t they?


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