RFK Re-Examined and More

Montreal Gazette – ‘There had to be more than one shooter’


{2016 Feb 10 updated link:

canada.com/mobile/iphone/story.html?id=6542256 }

Nearly 44 years after the June 1968 assassination of U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, a Canadian woman who was at the scene of the crime has emerged as a key witness in a bid by convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan to gain release from prison or be granted a new trial in the case.

A U.S. federal appeals court is currently examining submissions from Sirhan’s legal team that argue the original prosecution in the case suppressed ballistic evidence and eyewitness accounts – including from the Canadian woman – that suggested there was a second shooter.

Also in today’s issue, critics accuse Sarkozy of dirty tricks in new election.

And an op-ed stating that Quebec is broke (and therefore raising student tuition is necessary). Same crap we hear at home, “Everyone’s broke.” Except there are corporations and individuals not paying much in taxes of at all, nearly $8 trillion being held in reserve, and record-breaking profits. Everyone is not broke and it’s a slap in the face that the people who profit most of the wars, surveillance state and destroying the middle class don’t pay for the privilege.


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  1. […] single case (those two plus Norway, Red Hook, and Holmes) the report of witnesses that there were additional shooters. I don’t know, but it would make sense that if success were highly desirable, not to leave it […]

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