More CIA Bulls***: Conrad Black Edition (Updated)

(UPDATE: Clarified a few points and sentences, added a paragraph or three, a sentence or five. Was rather sleepy. Still am).

Yesterday I finally received word from the attorney I engaged: he is not interested in taking the case. That’s not beyond what I expected except I didn’t think it would take him so long to answer.

Yesterday. Enter voice-to-skull and a dozen or so reasons why I should just kill myself. These came flooding in nearly directly after receiving word (via email). Probably ten or fifteen minutes afterward.

Instead, I took the tour that I described a few posts down. Then, late last night, I gave my direct reply (the previous post): that it is clear that the CIA (at a minimum) was completely aware of what Al Qaeda had planned on 9/11 and not only did nothing to stop it but prevented other people from stopping it. The statistically higher trading of airline stock before the first plane hit was indication that they were aware of the date that the attacks would take place since it was a prominent employee’s (Buzzy Krongard’s) former trading company who put the buys. When it came time to look into that, they put Buzzy’s brother in charge of the investigation without the slightest mention of conflict-of-interest. Further, given their nearly non-stop interest in little ol’ me, there must be more to it, like that whatever tech and methods tested at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival in 1989 and 1990 must have also been employed in Afghanistan to prompt the attack in the first place. Only way it makes sense.

Anyway, this morning I was rudely awoken by a V2K drama of me arguing with my father about some political issue. I mostly ignored it, but it did get the blood moving.

But now fully awake, I went to the local coffee shop and grabbed a croissant and hot cocoa. I was aware that this was not my idea either, but as that was within the realm of what I would do were it my choice (and in fact had done so yesterday), I did it anyway.

Just in time to catch the CBC news. Seems that Lord Conrad Black, who renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 and went to prison in Florida is getting out early, has been given a one-year temporary citizenship paper, and is seeking to restore his citizenship status. He will of course succeed in that, he’s wealthy, powerful and influential.

So, failing getting me to off myself (yet again—the most obvious attempt since the self-immolation idea they planted best into my head last August) they tried to put into my head to go shoot Black. They gave numerous reasons why…It would result in me staying in Canada (in prison)…It’s what the POTUS wants (this is an old favorite…yeah, I’m sure that the former Minnesota Organizing {Obama} for America Media Director attempting to shoot someone like Black would be good for Obama’s image)…and because Black is something of a prick.

Not to mention the obvious: attorney refuses to help me while Black is welcomed with open arms.

It’s all about the frustration and confusion they can create, foster, foist and use to manipulate the target. Even trying to explain this in detail can be frustrating. If you haven’t had voice-to-skull or whichever tech and whatever it is called done to you, where is the common ground to relate to it? How can I describe something that most other people have never experienced? Imagine the most annoying person you can think of being able to call you via a cellphone in your head and you cannot hang up, you have no choice but to listen. It’s extremely annoying. It’s disruptive. Imagine trying to work a job when that may happen at any time.

I won’t do what they want, obviously. But it is more than a little troubling just how far these criminals will go and just how powerless people like the CIA’s OIG, the Justice Department, and the Administration are to pull these people into line. If that’s not it, then it must be ordered. Which is it? I still think the former, but there comes a point when you have to wonder why it continues unabated.

Finally, Black should be concerned. There might be someone else out there who lacks my self-control and knowledge as to what he is dealing with. Won’t be me, old boy. Best of luck.


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