Grind ‘er Down (Updated)


(UPDATE: Added a couple of cropped screenshots for those who thought I might have made all of this up. Cropped in order to keep the redacted part out and one expletive. Also, the connection problem seems to have been the wireless Internet connection in general, though I could still slowly access the web).

Below is a chat transcript from earlier this evening on a mobile chat app called Grindr (which specializes in gays meeting other gays).

20120504 Grindr transcript

10:30 PM

ME: Hi. I rarely start conversations on Grindr, but I think you’re cute, so I am. My name is Chris.

HIM: Coincidence!

My name is Chris too!

Also, who starts a grindr convo with their name? Haha


ME: I guess I do.


HIM: Apparently.

How are you?

ME: Fighting a cold. Apart from that and the rain, not bad really. And you, Chris?

HIM: Peachy keen!

Busy weekend, which is gonna be exhausting but better than the.alternative, I guess. Haha

ME: Busy? Whatcha got going? (If that’s not too nosy).

HIM: Big plans for you?

Not at all.

ME: Prolly just hit some of the bars or dinner with a friend.

HIM: What bar?

ME: Hm. Sometimes we go to the karaoke on Church…forgot the name. But we usually do that on week nights. Gets real crowded on Fri/Sat.

Are you performing or something, or just busy socially?

HIM: Sorry? Performing?

ME: Your busy weekend ahead.

Thought maybe artist or musician.

HIM: No, just canada’s wonderland with friends then a buddy’s bday. All tomorrow.

Haha, no, though I do get that…

ME: Ah. You from TO? I’m actually from the ststes.


HIM: I’m [REDACTED], actually grew up [REDACTED].

What brings you to the great white.north?

ME: Cool.

Kind of a vacation. Did some other stuff too, but that’s the gist of it.

HIM: Right on. Bit of biz, bit of pleasure…

ME: Hm. Not a musician or artist… I am curious. 🙂

HIM: Haha. Negative.

Admin bitch, econ nerd.

I work at [REDACTED].

ME: Ah. Cool.

HIM: I guess so.

Not really, hahaha.

Beneath me.

ME: Worked as a real estate consultant for about ten years in NYC.

I agree. Too cute to not get what you want out of life!

HIM: F***, that must have gone to hell late 2006 early 2007…

Oh I don’t want anything out of life.

ME: Exactly. Got laid off in early ’10.

HIM: The world is not enough Chris.


ME: Then you should be a poet or philosopher.

HIM: That sucks, sorry to hear it.

I want to be… Hahaha

ME: Ah, not so bad. Looking to do something else. Boooooring…zzz…

So. What else? Musical taste? Mine is rather diverse, but a lot of classic rock, 80s. Gaga, of course. And Spoon.

HIM: I guess. I’m waiting for the market to bottom out.

I love both the eighties and gaga.

ME: Before you buy?

HIM: Top 40, some harder stuff.

ME: That’s a match! 🙂

HIM: No! I want the construction sector to start pulling its weight!

ME: Ah, yeah.

HIM: We need you folks gunning along at at least 3% real gdp growth…

ME: That’d be awesome.

HIM: I know!


(This is where Grindr and/or my Internet connection started misbehaving, around 10:54).

I answered but couldn’t tell if he was even still online. Didn’t get reconnected for several minutes. Still having issues with the app. And ‘Gabe’ called while I was trying to get reconnected also. He’s with one of his clients, though I didn’t ask if that was a medical or legal client.

See what my social life is like? As with everything else, it’s fixed. (And how hilarious to actually say, “the world is not enough” and later ask for movie tastes? 😉 ).


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