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I have added the draft chapters for the defunct novel We Were the Freedom Federation that are on Google docs to this blog. I have pre-dated them back to around the time that they were last updated there, all within the month of August 2011. You can read them here by using the calendar thingy at right or clicking on the tag, then paging to the beginning of the results.

I have also created another blog where I will be moving all of my short stories, the draft novel chapters, and the novella. It occurred to me today that keeping the commentary on the sad state of affairs in the US and fiction might be confusing, especially to newcomers.

As an additional note with that in mind, I published the first issue of a comic book with that same title as the novel. Among other things (like my entire life imploding) my local comic store was robbed in late October 2009 just as I was shopping the comic out to the owners. When I went back to visit them in November, assuming they had had time to review it and could tell me how many (if any) issues they wanted to stock, they informed me of the robbery and that after the robbers trashed the countertop, they left the copy of my comic conspicuously on top of the mess.

I call that a violation of my Constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech. I call that part of this larger mess that lead to Squidgate in December 2009. I call that part of the same harassment that lead to having to put my dog to sleep earlier in 2009. And the destruction of my life in a spam of three months and the very nearly non-stop harassment that continues to this day, to this very moment when I am trying to write this, the previous post, and to send tweets on my Twitter account (@KaynsLupin).

And finally, for those who don’t already know, I do about 95% of all of this on a mobile device. That is usually the reason for typos, misspells, etc. as opposed to being harassed and flustered, but the latter happens sometimes as well. Just not as often as the tax wasters would like.


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