NSA’s Millionaires

Reminding first of my seemingly hyperbolic declarative statements regarding a pair of agencies that have outgrown and outlived their usefulness:



This Salon article, an interview with NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake (who makes a seemingly hyperbolic declarative statement of his own; see the title of the article and the final paragraph) has Drake saying much the same thing I’ve been harping about here, specifically that people inside the IC have made a fortune going to work for private contractors and that in order to continue the cash cow have had to create the “boogeyman”.

You see, anyone is a potential ATM for these people. The greater the tensions, the more fear they create, the more suspicion, the more horses*** they can shovel into the security apparatus, the more they can bill and bilk the taxpayer. The mere fact that you almost never hear a conservative complain about tax waste of this kind is a pretty good indicator that they are full of it where true fiscal conservatism is concerned. (They actually cry, complain and otherwise raise hell if anyone even suggests that our obscenely bloated defense budget should be trimmed at all, and even accuse Obama of having cut it when in fact he just left it right where is was the year before. Check your Real Time reruns from the past six months). Given NSA’s preposterous expansion of domestic spying and archiving of Internet and other communication activities, it’s obvious that this is more cash cow. Take something someone said out of context and paint them a radical. Connect them through six degrees of separation and present them a “supporter of terrorism.” That’s what nearly all of this bulls*** is about.

The article speaks for itself where NSA is concerned. Want to see the same for CIA? See the link to Cryptome at right, “175 CIA Subcontractors.” Of course, it doesn’t end there. As you read through all of those Wall Street stock price inspired press releases for CIA contractors, you’ll notice some of them also work for other members of the IC, such as DHS (thinking specifically of the license plate recognition system…but there are others). If their work is so sensitive, why the press releases? Because it’s not about national security for all, it’s about financial security for a few. Those kinds of press releases are designed to introduce potential investors to a company, what it does, what it has done, and what it’s stock ticker is.

And then you have the most obvious source of security/intel bloat, WaPo’s Top Secret America expose.

And finally, the point that again explains how I got stuck in this mess, witnessing human experimentation in 1989 and 1990 and how my suspicions are that it was to be used to stir up trouble domestically for these same reasons (along with political gain). MK/ULTRA was real. So is NK/INTRA.


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  1. […] when Thomas Drake said NSA officers created the “boogeyman” in order to go private and win contracts to deal with the illusory threats that they created? Became.millionaires as a […]

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