The Good News and the Bad News

Recall what I wrote about going to the doctor about the cough I picked up in Kentucky (same day as the first of four poisonings) and found weeks later that the Squidgate juror’s husband had the same cough. Recall also Balding showing up at my doctor’s appointment in January 2010 in Manhattan, the weirdness of the not-colon-cancer but rather a hemorrhoid in late March 2010 where the doctor read me the riot act on Romney ObamaCare in Minneapolis, the useless prescription for the long-lasting throat malady that began with a voice-to-skull message “Wonder what that could be?” after eating a frenchfreedomfry (also in Minneapolis) outside my local deli.

Not to mention what happened to the Squidgate victim when he went in to find out what the bumps were and got a flesh-eating virus on his leg.

And then there was Clooney’s malaria contracted while trying to help people in Darfur (and let’s not forget mefloquine’s dual use for that and mucking with people’s heads). And back injury.

The good news is I finally went to a clinic several days ago (had to pay, of course) and saw a doctor. He believed the the original cough, the later appearing head cold and pink eye were all the same bug. Regarding the question of allergies to medicines, I recalled that I once (as a toddler or around that age) had a slight reaction to penicillin or a derivative but had been fine since with similar stuff, no problems. Great. Got two prescriptions.

The bad news is I’m done with the pills and the cough remains. The head cold seems mostly gone, but occasionally seems to still be there. Today was the last day for the pills.

The good news is the pink eye is gone.

The bad news is, I itch all over. And it’s getting worse. This, I am supposed to think, is a reaction to the prescription. I doubt it, probably achieved by different means. But annoying. Not really a rash, just invisible bumps that itch pretty much everywhere you can think of.

There comes a point (and really, I’ve left out and forgotten things…this blog is nowhere near being exhaustive of the harassment events…not even close) where you don’t even want to bother relating them all. It’s so absurd at this point, you wonder why the f*** you even bother. (You also wonder why, when you are doing nothing, nothing happens and when you are typing a post like this one, people suddenly call and text you… But then you recall that voice-to-skull f***ing exists…there’s a patent based on older patents and several other documents that prove it, and that mercenaries and nutcases have taken over the US government, and you say to yourself, “Ah, right”).

So, what to do. Go back to the clinic and play out the farce of it being an allergic reaction to the medicine? Or wait it out?

Click on the 05-Signs and Symptoms tag if you aren’t yet familiar with it’s connection to MK/ULTRA (a joint CIA and DOD project). Read the draft 1955 memo. Ask yourself, why the word “lingering”? It’s for harassment.

The thing is, they don’t want any particular behavior. They don’t want these posts to stop. If they did, they’d have done something smarter a long time ago. No, it’s provoke to violence. It’s all they have as a defense for their crimes, to neutralize a witness. No national security value whatsoever, just cover some “important” arses.

So while this may not wind up rating as high as, oh, being drugged and brainhacked into crossing a bridge under construction, I relate it anyway just to get the approximate dates down some place and to remind myself just how f***ed up a place the USA has become.



  1. hi thank u just saw beauty school drop out on my wall. they like to start one “show” they call them that ha with high school drop out , no she graduated u cant say that then they said welll use their fathers voices i cant say that they have heavy accents. germans alot now french last few most meth addicts and short men complex pervail. sad thing is they are also sick gays dont know gays like that. they are vicious and hate women love to torture them i have never met any gays like that they were in ny ny from nz and uk. now from german speaking groups they never have any girls nd have to drink alot to be together. still calling it a program , crowd control no real goals different lies to get different ones to do it free green cards , screwing the us is another one, money money money.. so much money .. they ar at the guest house across form me and wear the same clothes for days i cant go to the library again just to read a regular magazine. the one target i knew is suddenly gone glam and talking about illuminatti? thanks for saying this i need to hear it. i need solid type evidence and real targets. oh one foot in the grave that is one “show” midn over monster gets how OLD are u , we are proud of our ages. and they tell meth heads and addicts i sleep with ppl for a few beers its a joke i sleep with noone. i read alot to ignore them and prove i am so much smarter than them ,none of them are bright one clims to have a shakespeare actor with him they say verily i say unto u. i knwo one target who has to listen to micheal jacksons voice morphed with his they wanted to do this to me they said no she will know who we are. closeted weird canadians use cartoons porky pig and say aw we are just made this way at the end of the day. they were showcasing in hong kong before some were in prisoned yeah they were. we wont get to read it but i was there and i saw it they tried to attack me and had electronic weapons & drugs on them aussie and irish. the signals anchor show was wild the cops saw it too… glad i coudl help they thanked me. never thought i’d be helping hong kong cops i’m just a bartender… my landlord sold my “contract” to aussie three letter agencies ha that hate each other and they kill each other the sub contractors drunks and meth heads or socio paths i have studied them for 3 yrs see flckr gangstalking or oncesanegirl5 on photobucket u can see how they “act so innocent the older ones”

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