Mainstream Media BS (Updated)

(Update: Added another paragraph of victims of our military industrial complex related to Durkin, Sabow, Westhusing and Lee marked with an asterisk).

CNN email alert:

The United States used an informant as a double agent to infiltrate a bombing plot orchestrated by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a law enforcement source told CNN.

The informant also provided information that aided a CIA drone strike last weekend against a top operative for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the source said.

News about the airline bombing plot became public on Monday, about two weeks after U.S. intelligence agents thwarted the plot with the help of a tip from Saudi Arabia, a source familiar with the operation said.

Aided a drone strike, well why not? I’m sure the details of that will be forthcoming.

But that this corrupt institution has turned itself around? Bulls***.

They have a long




way to go on that.

That the Saudi Arabian government (who more than nearly any other entity on Earth must have known 9-11 was being planned) cares about anything more than public opinion? No.

I’ll know that something approaching that has happened when the harassment stops and amends are made. I’ll know when there are arrests and trials.

I’ll know when DOD’s and CIA’s NK/INTRA is shut down, the related brainhacked shootings stop, are investigated by Congress, and the madness that has gripped this country for years is over. Not before.

I’ll know when the FBI can stop paying informants for creating phony terror plots and training people how to carry them out. Not before.

I’ll know when the Department of Homeland Security starts obeying the law and treats people with respect (police science 101, Sir Robert Peele) even when they are guilty of a crime. Not before.

I’ll know when either the people at Gitmo and elsewhere are given the same rights to the justice system that corporate criminals are, or that corporate criminals lose that right as well. (Especially those who aided DOD and CIA with carrying out terrorism on American soil).

I’ll know when Dakota Meyer, Lynnae Williams, Valerie Plame-Wilson and Joe Wilson, Bradley Manning, Sibel Edmonds, Thomas Drake, Mark from Technodyne and the other whistleblowers and victims of this rotten system have had their say, when those who are responsible for punishing them in defiance of the whistleblower protections afforded them under the law are punished, when these people see justice. (And when the reasons and the people involved in brainwashing Manning are revealed.) Not before.

I’ll know when the thousands of people experiencing the Organized Stalking phenomenon can rest easy. Not before.

I’ll know when those who ordered, planned, and executed the black ops on anyone and everyone I’ve mentioned here on this blog, from Kate and the Squidgate juror and their families to the family of Heath Ledger have experienced justice. Not before.

* I’ll know when the full truth about what happened to Durkin, Sabow, Westhusing, and Harry Lee and others like them is made public and those responsible are held accountable. Not before.

I’ll know when reporters are no longer harassed, discredited, and interfered with by government entities and their contractors. Not before.

I’ll know when Buzzy Krongard, George Tenet, Louis Freeh, Michael Hayden and anyone else who should have known better are asked on national television by Congress and the media, “Why?” Not before.

I’ll know when Congress and the Senate tries to explain how they allowed things to get to this point and fails. Not before.

I’ll know when the President explains why he could not or would not get control of those who serve under him. Not before.

I’ll know when Dick Cheney has been impeached. Not before.

I’ll know when it’s obvious that the Constitution has been restored. Not before.

Public relations and pretend heroism neither impress nor persuade me. Actions do. This is just 24 or The Closer showing on CNN instead of the main networks. There is no conceivable way things could have gotten this bad without it being exactly what I’ve said: CIA and DOD are corrupt. Turned around without some severe punishment first? What a sad joke.

You can shove the Potomac two-step up your a**.


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