Wouldn’t You Like to be a POIper Too?

Wouldn’t You Like to be a POIper Too?

So, recall that I said I try to weed out the events that I think are purely the result of having my head messed with. A second-tier kind of harassment. I see it in other OS victims, I know how it sounds and, of course, I am very familiar now with items 1 and 5 from the 1955 draft MK/ULTRA memo (see the tags) the sole purposes of which are undermining credibility and harassing through chronic health issues that appear to be one thing but are actually another. (In this case I am referring to mental health).

So it is I typically leave out the trivial kinds of things, the things that actually might be pure coincidence.

After today’s posts, I went out for a walk and to grab a late lunch. Last night I went to a place I sometimes go to and wound up overdoing the hot sauce. I mean really over doing it. Wasn’t sure why I did that.

I went back there for the late lunch. Decided I would just skip the hot sauce altogether. But as I gazed at the non-carbonated drink of choice in the cooler, I saw that there were only three left. I thought, “Well, why not try something else? Haven’t had a carbonated drink in a while, in fact I rarely drink them at all. A root beer! No… No…. Ah! A Dr. Pepper. When was the last time I had one of those? Can’t recall.”

All I could see from my vantage point was the logo on the cans on the right and the dietary labels on the two rows on the left. When the cashier set It on the counter, here’s what was staring me in the face. (Go back and look at the Iron Man chalk drawing in the previous post).

There were other things. Like seeing the headline “Born to Die”. It’s not that they planted the headline, it’s possibly that they made sure I saw it. I mean given the choice of watching what was scooting along in rollerblades in his tight jeans across the street, what was I doing looking away toward a newspaper vending machine?

There was more, but it’s trivial as I said. The difference between choosing a particular soda versus deciding to buy a gun is huge. One is normal behavior and therefore easier to hijack. The other is not, and requires overcoming some serious hardwiring in the brain. Hence my well-founded statement previously: I just won’t do it. They tried “Hey it must be William Kristol because the Conway fire happened on his birthday!” and that didn’t work. And I don’t even like Kristol and I was very upset about the Conway fire. Same with the attempt to blame the Beaudry clan based on those people in the truck the morning after the fire. I know it very, very likely was not them. I knew that even drugged and having my head mucked with until I was bleeding out my ears. It’d be ridiculous for them to do that over some Internet squabble, me trying to help Pete. No. This was one or more of our intel agencies trying to get me to go postal. There is no other adequate explanation.

So, if I were a non-targeted individual, here’s what I would be wondering:

“Who would go to all that trouble?”

Answer: people who are desperate to try to escape being convicted, possibly hung for treason and terrorism.

“Why spend all this money?”

Answer: it’s not their money, it’s yours! This is tax payer money being spent on bulls*** including coverups of crimes.

Does this sound at all normal to you? Do you remember a time when, yeah, sure you might see something like this in an ad in an independent, small circulation magazine that caters to the KKK and neonazis. It is not normal. Something is very wrong, folks. It’s brainhacking. To be so bold about it now? To be this open? Only people who are confident in their technological superiority would dare (and yet they still hide behind sockpuppet proxies).

(Note: POI = Person Of Interest. Only learned that late last year. To me, poi was a Hawaiian dish and part of a band name before that. Of course, where Top Secret America and it’s tax thieving scumbags are concerned, everyone is a POI… a potential ATM… an excuse to make s*** up in “threat assessments” and present to their contractees and Congress as a means of acquiring wealth. Nothing more, they know they are lying. It’s just a cold warriors’ gold rush).


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