Excerpt – MINARET Charter (Updated)

(Update: Added wrong link to article about DOJ looking the other way when CIA, and there must be one for NSA as well, commits crimes on US soil. Update 2: added correct one).

July 1, 1969 memo from an Assistant Director, NSA:


1. MINARET (C) is established for the purpose of providing more restrictive control and security of sensitive information derived from communications as processed [REDACTED] which contain (a) information on foreign governments, organizations or individuals who are attempting to influence, coordinate or control U.S. organizations or individuals who may foment civil disturbances or otherwise undermine the national security of the U.S. (b) information on U.S. organizations or individuals who are engaged in activities which may result in civil disturbances or otherwise subvert the national security of the U.S. An equally important aspect of MINARET will be to restrict the knowledge that such information is being collected and processed by the National Security Agency.

So, not only attempting to remove public opinion from the question of war in order to protect “national security” (a euphemism for “war profiteering”) but admission that the revelation of the program itself would be just as undesirable as smearing war protestors is desirable.

No oversight. As Thomas Drake pointed out, NSA operates in a black box that the public cannot penetrate. What has happened, that is how history has repeated itself, is far worse than the last time. There are a pile of dead bodies that just seems to keep growing. I marvel at how anyone who should have the slightest influence over these kinds of nutty programs would look the other way, pretend it isn’t happening, to put off dealing with it.

I also wonder about the ability to claim, when these deeds come to light as they always do, that “I didn’t know” will suffice as a defense. And that creating domestic terrorism and treason ever should have been covered by longstanding Justice Department agreement(s) to ignore laws broken by the intel community.

(Oops, link above should have been this one. Previous link left because it is also a good read, by the same authors, and also involved ARTICHOKE).


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