New Link Plus (Updated)

(Updated: Added Lynnae Williams’ blog, CIA Psychological Abuse at right).

Been a while since I posted a link to it so here is yesterday evening’s Boiling Frog Post, a collection of news articles regarding various topics including more strife in oil and arable land rich Nigeria, the Guantanamo defense lawyers seeking testimony from a CIA official, surveillance, and the NDAA (note: Congress’ move to modify and/or remove the indefinite detention clause failed today), and yet another secret war.

Additionally, Sibel Edmonds (FBI translator turned whistleblower) who started Boiling Frogs has a book out about her struggles to try to bring sanity to the efforts against radical fundamentalist terrorism and justice to those who sold America’s secrets illegally. The link to the website for the new book, Classified Woman, has also been added at right.

Additionally, History Commons is having some financial difficulties. Head over there, have a look, and if you can, consider donating some money to keeping them going. They are an indispensable resource for researching news articles and book citations for all sorts of corruption. (Note: three attempts to do so myself online were unsuccessful. They should probably see what the problem is if others are having the same).


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